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How Much Time To Charge eBike? Well, to answer your first and most important question in a sentence, it doesn’t take as long to charge as you think it does. 

Just like you, we also had the same doubts about the e-bike algorithm before using them. So, we tested multiple e-bikes with different battery types that vary in motor power, capacity and charging time.

Also, to clear up the remaining confusion, we put together some much-needed information, which solves all your queries regarding the topic.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into the details, shall we?

Insightful facts Regarding Batteries, their power, and Charging Duration

Here we have given detailed info about battery type and how much time it takes to charge

How Much Time To Charge An e-Bike
Battery TypeBattery Power & Charging Duration
Basic300Wh – 1 to 2.5 hrs400 Wh – 1.5 to 3.5 hrs500Wh – 2 to 4.5 hrs600 Wh – 2.5 to 5 hrs
Lithium-ionAverage battery power –  4 to 6 hrs
Dual Battery (Basic)1250Wh – 4.5 to 10 hrs

How Much Time To Charge An e-Bike?

Generally, it depends on the type of bike, the power, the battery and the battery’s capacity.  Also, the charging time varies with the type of charger that you use for charging.

e-bike charging indicator

It usually takes about 2 to 6 hours to charge a battery from empty to full. For example, a 500Wh battery can take 2.5-4.5 hours to charge from a flat to a 100% full battery. However, a lithium-ion battery can take 4 to 6 hours to recharge.

If your e-bike is new, we recommend charging it for 8 to 10 hours to maintain its highest potential.

The Proper Way To Charge An e-bike: Step By Step

Here is the step-by-step guide to charging your e-Bike in a proper way

The Proper Way To Charge An e-bike
  • Step 1 – Turn off the battery of your e-bike.
  • Step 2– Open the battery lock, take it off, or charge directly into the bike.
  • Step 3– Connect the charging cord and adapter to an outlet.
  • Step 4– Connect the charger to the battery’s charging port.
  • Step 5– Keep the battery on charge for 3.5 to 6 hrs.

Tips for better charging

Charging your Ebikes can sometimes be challenging. However, you can ease the hassle by following our expert tips below!

  • Do not leave the battery connected to the plug overnight. Follow the instructions given about charging in the manual.
  • Turn off electric motors while charging the batteries.
  • Connect with the company’s service centre for diagnostics if your e-bike’s battery gets hot often.
  • Always keep 30% or above charging power left in the battery to maintain the battery life. It is advisable not to let it reach empty.
  • Keep your e-bike in the dark or shaded area to avoid direct sunlight. It can overheat if kept in sunlight, and its battery life may become shorter. 
  • Turn off the e-bike and disconnect the other load on the charger to prevent confusion of parasitic load to the charger.
  • Charge the e-bike at an average temperature place. Instead of a cold temperature.
  • Lithium-ion batteries work better if charged partially.
  • Disconnect the charger if the battery warms up while charging. 

How Do I Know When My e-Bike Battery Is Charged?

Usually, when the electric bike’s battery is charged, most light indicators turn green or red, but it varies according to the type or manufacturing of the battery. 

How Do I Know When My e-Bike Battery Is Charged

Key Takeaways from this article

  • It takes around 2 to 3 hrs for a basic battery of an electric bike to charge and 4 to 6 hrs for a lithium-ion battery.
  • Maintain your battery life by turning off the e-bike, keeping its performance in check, charging it in a darker place and not letting the battery reach flat.
  • Check the light indicator on the battery to check if it is charged fully.
e-bike battery level indicator

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Wrapping up: How Much Time To Charge Ebike?

Whether you are a person who is just curious to know or someone who has an e-bike, having the above knowledge will always come in handy.

In this article, we went through a detailed study on how much time an e-bike needs to charge completely, along with various other aspects of how you can maintain your electric bike’s battery life.

So, this was all from our side on this topic. We hope that you found this information helpful. If yes, then please let us know your feedback in the comment section below.             


Do e-bikes come with a removable battery?

The short answer is yes; some e-bikes are manufactured with a removable battery system.

Should you charge your electric bike up to 100% or not?

If your e-bike is new and the battery type is basic, you should charge it to full, but if it is a lithium-ion battery, they don’t need to be charged completely.

How long does an electric bike go without having to pedal?

An electric bike can go up to 22 to 50 miles without pedalling or with relaxed pedalling.

What is the highest limit of watt-hours of a basic battery?

The highest limit of watt-hours allowed for an e-bike is up to 100Wh. It is not allowed to cross the limit of 100Wh without legal paper.

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