Electric Bikes Vs. Regular Bikes: Which One Is The Best In 2023?

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Even though these bikes look similar, their specifications are different. Our experts have found these differences in aspects like maintenance, price, speed, weight capacity, etc.

Many people prefer regular bikes over electric bikes because of their pricing. But it differs according to preferences.

You can use electric bikes if you like to ride at speed without putting in effort and longer distances. But, if you are a workout enthusiast, go for a regular bike that doesn’t need recharging.

We have combined the best of our knowledge of both bikes, in case you want to know about them in depth.

We’ll figure out together which type of bike suits you better; let’s go.

Electric Bikes vs. Regular Bikes: A Brief Overview

Electric bikes Vs Regular bikes

Factors determining the selection between electric bikes and regular bikes are your activity goals and commuting distance.

You can choose an e-bike if you travel long distances and don’t want to exhaust yourself. But, definitely choose a regular bike if you love sweating it out and putting in physical effort. 

Regular bikes

E-bikes come with pedal assistance powered by motors. That’s why they are the ultimate option for people like me who prefer assisting machines. 

Pretty effortless, right?

Yeah, but don’t be happy just yet. Even though e-bikes are cool and effortless, they are pretty expensive. In comparison, regular bikes are mostly budget-friendly.

Maintainance & Repairs

The standard components of both electric and regular bikes are the same. The routine of care-taking and maintenance is almost the same for both. 

Regular bikes have nothing to maintain other than fixing nuts and bolts, oiling, and wheelset maintenance. 

And the same goes for e-bikes unless….

Unless anything goes wrong with the electronic components, e-bikes are no different than regular bikes in terms of maintenance.

But rest assured, my fellow e-biker, you can get it serviced at the company service station or at an e-bike specialist store.

Also, feel free to repair it yourself with your toolkit or DIY kit if you are an enthusiast.

Pros & Cons Of Electric Bikes Vs. Regular Bikes

There’s a positive and a negative side to everything in this world. Similarly, electric and regular bikes have their own set of Pros & Cons, as given below. 

Pros & Cons of electric vs regular bikes

Electric bikes 


  • Electric bikes are efficient and effortless to use.
  • They come with motors which make traveling long distances easy.
  • These bikes are twice as fast as regular bikes.
  • Helpful to travel on hill roads.


  • These bikes need recharging daily (frequency differs with model)
  • Mile coverage is lesser than other energy-powered bikes. (Still covers more distance than regular bikes)
  • You can’t convert e-bikes into regular bikes.
  • Electric bikes are always more expensive than regular bikes, no matter the model.

Regular bikes

Regular bike


  • Regular bikes are one of the best exercise options.
  • You don’t have to worry about charging it every day.
  • They are usually cheaper in price. (but there are some exceptions)
  • The regular bike comes in different sizes of frames for rider height varieties.
  • You can increase your physical stamina by riding them regularly.
  • Easily convertible into electric bikes with the help of a DIY kit.


  • Regular bikes are Manually operated by pedaling and don’t have a motor/battery.
  • You cannot speed up more than your physical limit.
  • It’s very difficult to climb up hills with regular bikes.

Electric Vs. Regular Bikes: Key Differences And Similarities

We have found some differences between electric and regular bikes based on the following vital points.

Electric Vs Regular bikes Key Differences And Similarities

1. Speed:

Electric bikes are quicker to move and faster in speed than regular pedaling bikes. Its motor helps to propel up to 20-28 Mph.  You can even go at a faster speed with pedal assistance. 

Regular bikes’ speed depends on the rider’s physical efforts.  But they cannot exceed the speed of an electric bike.

2. Range:

Electric bikes can go up to 28-30 Miles at a one-time charge.  They are better for longer distances than regular bikes.

However, we can’t predict anything for regular bikes as it depends on the rider’s stamina.

3. Noise:

Both bikes are the same in this term. Neither electric nor regular bikes make any noise while commuting. You can enjoy a calm and silent ride with either of them.

4. Weight Capacity:

Electric bikes can carry more weight than regular bikes. They are built with extra power, and their motor helps to pull extra weight on the bike.

Comparatively, regular bikes have low weight-carrying capacity. But still, it depends on your manual power and efforts.

5. Pricing:

Regular bikes are normal bikes with no technological specifications, so they are quite budget-friendly and basic in price. But there are some rare exceptions to it.

In contrast, electric bikes are usually expensive to buy. You might think of your budget before buying an electric bike.

Best Electric and Regular Bikes on the market In 2023

Here is a list of a few best electric and regular bikes on the market. (a little extra information comes in handy, right?)

5 Best Electric Bikes

Here is the list of the Best Electric Bikes

1. Aventon Level.2

Aventon Level.2

Key Features:

Top Speed20 Mph on the throttle, 28 Mph on Pedal Assist
Range27 Miles
Battery48V 15Ah, removable
Weight54 Lbs

2. RadRover 6 Plus (Rad Power Bikes)

RadRover 6 Plus

Key Features

Top Speed20 Mph 
Range45  Miles
Battery589 to 672 Wh
Weight80 Lbs

3. Denago Commute Model 1

Denago Commute Model
Top Speed20 Mph 
Range45  Miles
Battery589 to 672 Wh
Weight80 Lbs

4. Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 Step-Through

Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 Step

Key Features

Top Speed28 Mph 
Range90 Miles
Battery711.48 Wh
Weight58.3 Lbs
Price$ 4000

5. Co-op Cycles CTY e2.1

Co-op Cycles CTY e2.1

Key Features

Top Speed20 Mph 
Range50 Miles
Battery36v/418 Wh
Weight50 Ponds
Price$ 1799

Regular Bikes:

Here is the list of regular bikes:

1. Cervelo Caledonia 105

Cervelo Caledonia 105

Key Features

Frame12*142mm Thru-Axle
ForkAll-carbon, Tapered Caledonia
Wheel SetAlexrims Boondocks-5D, Center Lock, (spokes) 28 front, 28 rear, 21mm, Tubeless
BrakesHydraulic disc

2. Decathlon Triban RC120

Decathlon Triban RC120

Key Features

Frame6061 6T aluminum sloping frame with semi-integrated headset
ForkCarbon fork, 1”⅛ head tube
Wheel SetTRIBAN 700C 28H AERO Rims.
BrakesAluminium brakes equipped with cartridge pads

3. Brand-X Road Bike

Brand-X Road Bike

Key Features

Frame6061 Alloy
Wheel Set700*25C road wheels
BrakesTektro R312 rim brakes

4. Vitus Vittesse EVO CR

Vitus Vittesse EVO CR

Key Features

FrameVitesse EVO carbon SL UD Carbon, 12*142mm axle
ForkVitesse EVO carbon SL UD Carbon, Tapered steerer
Wheel SetPrime Attaquer Aluminium Clincher Disc,700c, Tubeless Ready
BrakesSRAM RIVAL hydraulic disc & Flat Mount

5. State 4130 All-Road XPLR AXS

State 4130 All-Road XPLR AXS
Frame4130 Chromoly steel w/ thru-Axle dropouts
Fork4130 Chromoly steel w/ thru-Axle dropouts 
Wheel Set650b tubeless capable wheelset w/ Vittoria Barzo zero tires. 
BrakesSRAM Rival Hydraulic

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Final Verdict: Electric bikes vs. Regular bikes

To be honest, We like both of these bike types and couldn’t make any biased decision. But we can surely recommend which one you can choose according to your needs and preferences.

To be told in a nutshell, both bikes have their Pros and Cons, which make them stand out individually. 

But we recommend electric bikes to people who prefer effortless, fast, and long-ranged commuter vehicles. 

At the same time, regular bikes are for people who love exercising and sweating it out. Also, a regular bike is an affordable yet comfortable alternative if you only travel to local areas.

We know that you’ve already made up your mind about which one to choose. Let us know which one you prefer to ride in the comment section below.


Which type of bike do we recommend to kids?

Regular bikes are a safer and simple option. That’s why our preference is a small-sized regular bike for kids.

Is it possible to use electric bikes like regular bikes?

Yes, you can definitely use most electric bikes, like regular bikes, by pedaling without motor-power assistance.

Do electric bikes require more effort to pedal than regular bikes?

Electric bikes do require more effort to pedal than regular bikes but not in a problematic way.

How many years do electric bike batteries last?

Electric bike batteries last about three to five years if they are maintained well.

Is it possible to convert a regular bike into an electric bike?

Yes, converting a regular bike into an electric bike with the right tools, technical knowledge, and, optionally, a DIY KIT is possible.

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