13 Best Electric Unicycles In 2024 (Tested And Reviewed)

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Unicycles are still a new category for many people, and there isn’t enough awareness about these wheels either. Hence, choosing the best electric unicycle can be tricky when many brands claim to be the best.

This guide contains the top 12 best Electric bicycles, including some of the well-known EV brands and a few hidden gems. 

While researching and curating this list, I considered factors such as budget, performance, top speed, maximum range, and, most importantly, your need to make reasonable selections.

To give you a quick verdict, the King Song 16X is my first preference, as it’s the game changer in the EUC category and is highly reliable. However, there are more options that you can explore. 

Let’s take a look at the details!

Top 3 Electric Unicycles For 2024 (Our #1 Pick)

If you are in a rush, we have created this chart for you to evaluate these unicycles based on their ratings. Here you go!

King Song 16X

  • High-Mounted Pedals

  • 4200W Peak Power

  • 2200W Sustained Motor Power

Best Perform

Begode Master

  • 3500W Torque-Tuned Motor

  • Two Battery Types Choice 

  • Large 18-inch Tire for stability

Top Pick

Inmotion v8

  • 1000W Motor With Speed Of 22 MPH

  • 518Wh Battery For a Range Of Up To 35 Miles

  • IP55 Water Resistance

Most Popular

After previewing our top pick of electric unicycles, here you can check out the entire list explaining the unicycles and their key features. 

Let’s take a look at them below:

1. King Song 16X (Best For Advanced Features)

  • Top speed: 31 MPH
  • Range: 60 miles
  • Weight: 265lbs
  • Motor: 2200W
  • Charge Time: 14h
  • Warranty: 12 months

The new 16X comes with a 2200W motor and a 1600Wh battery, boasting a massive range of up to 90 miles. All of that is just to spin a 16×3″ tire, which looks pretty cushy compared to a 2.5″ tire.

On the front, there are dual USB ports to charge your devices, and just below that, there’s a 5W headlight to use when it’s dark outside. Also, note that If you use the standard 120W charger that comes with it, it takes up to 14 hours to recharge. 

Furthermore, the build quality and structure are both impressive. The pedals are tilted up and even taller than the 18XLs. 

Most importantly, they’re all grip-taped for high performance without any rubber that might slip, which is completely ideal. The unicycle is very carefully designed.

2. Begode Master (Best for Dual Battery)

  • Top speed: 60MPH
  • Range: 60-70 miles
  • Weight: 265lbs
  • Motor: 2400W
  • Charge Time: 6-8 hours
  • Warranty: 12 months

The Begode Master is the first one that uses a new generation of wheels that can go faster than 50 mph. It has a 20-inch wheel powered by a hollow motor with 3500 watts of torque. 

Even though the unicycle looks bigger, it has a smaller battery, which is available in two sizes to choose from. 

Furthermore, the suspension can be adjusted to 300 psi, with a free spin of 112 kilometers per hour. However, it’s a little uncomfortable to turn, but it doesn’t really have to worry about pedal scraping. The pedals are studded for more grip and to avoid slipping.

Riding on both streets and off-road is pretty comfortable due to the thick grip on the wheels. The stability of the unicycle impresses me every time I watch people use it. It looks like a well-balanced ride. Due to the stability, a lot of torque is saved up in reserve, which you can use to boost the ride.

The only drawback I found about this unicycle is that even if the inertia (ability to stay in motion) is there, it just sits there, and you’ve to make extra efforts to get it back straight. 

3. Inmotion v8

  • Top speed: 21 MPH
  • Range: 38 Miles 
  • Weight: 265lb
  • Motor: 1000W
  • Charge Time: 4.5 hours
  • Warranty: 12 months

The Inmotion V8 is one of the most stylish electric unicycles, which is really well put together. The wheel is very predictable and works up to a good pace correctly. Even if you try it for the first time, it doesn’t perform unusually for you. 

The acceleration is quite impressive, too, and doesn’t make you fight for that boost you need to start off the unicycle. This 16-inch tool actually has a good power ratio, which you realize once it picks up the pace. 

In addition to the power-pack performance of this wheel, the next factor that got me hooked on it is its maneuverability. It’s a practical and easy wheel to maneuver at low speeds. It is one of the most useful qualities of this unicycle that helps novice riders to start their journey with it. 

Lastly, the lightweight structure and portability make your job of carrying it easier when not using it.

4. INMOTION V14 Adventure

  • Top speed: 68.35 Mph
  • Range: 70 miles
  • Weight: 286 lbs
  • Motor:  4000W
  • Charge Time: 6-8 Hours
  • Warranty: 12 months

Unlike some other wheels launched recently, the Inmotion V14 Adventure has won over EV fanatics.

The unicycle’s first look was very hooking for me, but the 400-watt motor at 134 volts surprised me to another level. Plus, rather than using the Samsung 50 e battery, which is quite outdated, the company has implanted a Samsung 50 GBS, which is their replacement. 

This battery delivers a total of 2400 watt-hours, which is more than sufficient for a powerful ride in the woods. 

Compared to the V13, the V14 has many exciting features, like a custom progressive shock. Moreover, while using the same headlight as the V11, the unicycle also provides a brighter light and a fan that makes less noise. 

The battery can be removed and reinstalled easily; even when you include all four battery packs, it takes around 10 minutes.

Furthermore, the Inmotion v14 also comes with many accessories when buying it, such as knee pads and panels, and if you are lucky enough through an offer, you can get a seat to attach as well.

5. Begode MCM5 V2 (Best For Rugged Commuting)

  • Top speed: 27 MPH
  • Range: 60-70 miles
  • Weight: 330 lbs
  • Motor: 1500W
  • Charge Time: 6 to 8 Hours
  • Warranty: 12 months

Being one of the most rugged commuters, the Begode MCM5 V2 is very agile and perfect for off-roading.

I like the Begode MCM5 because it’s also ideal for urban streets, providing you with good torque and sufficient range. It becomes a perfect ride for everyday usage. 

What changes in the new MCM5 is how incredibly that model has adapted to the brand-new controller architecture made with MOSFETs. 

It supports microseconds and lets out 1000 Amps with more than 300 Amps for a few seconds. This represents the three-fold rise over the old generation of the MCM5.

Furthermore, the wheel has a 1500W motor, which you cannot usually find in 14-inch wheels, and is double the power they usually have.  Additionally, it has a battery capacity of up to 800Wh.

Ultimately, these wheels look nice and impressive in theory and have gained worldwide recognition among EV lovers and those seeking high-performance machines.

What strikes me the most about the Begode MCM5 V2 is its practicality, reliability, and cruising speed, which no other 14-inch wheel will give you.


6. Gotway MSX Pro (Best For Optional Motor Type)

  • Top speed: 37 MPH
  • Range: 60 miles
  • Weight: 325lbs
  • Motor: 1800W
  • Charge Time: 6-8 hours
  • Warranty: 12 months

The Gotway MSX 84v is a great option for intermediate or advanced riders because of its exceptional combination of features and performance. It stands out from the competitors thanks to its adaptability, stability, speed, range, and special qualities.

For riders of all ability levels, the Gotway MSX 84v is perfect if they get the right instruction or direction. 

Its well-balanced features and performance make it an excellent option for pleasure and commuting rides, providing an exhilarating but controlled experience.

It is noteworthy that MSX is a high-end yet reasonably priced alternative, especially for those looking for a wheel that will adapt to their needs and riding styles.

Though riders looking for a dependable and strong EUC that won’t sacrifice quality or thrill may find the MSX attractive because of its performance and adaptability, beginners may find it better to start with an intermediate wheel.

7. InMotion V10F (Best in overall performance)

  • Top speed: 40 MPH
  • Range:  59 miles
  • Weight: 264 lbs
  • Motor: 2000W
  • Charge Time: 2.5h
  • Warranty: 12 months

The Inmotion V10F is created with a stunning design and pattern. It gives good performance, range, and speed for such an affordable price

This unicycle balances itself, an upgrade from the competitor wheels in the market. It has a more extended range, higher speed, and a more powerful motor than the V10 version.

‘The bigger the tire, the better the stability; this phrase fits perfectly for the Inmotion V10F as its tires are 16*2.5”. That makes them more comprehensive and stable. 

8. Gotway Tesla V2 (Best for easy controlling)

  • Top speed: 30MPH
  • Range:  40-50 miles
  • Weight: 264 lbs
  • Motor: 1020W
  • Charge Time: 2.5h
  • Warranty: 12 months

Imagine riding the latest Gotway electric unicycle, where power meets precision for an unparalleled experience. 

With a beefed-up motor boasting 1900W of continuous power, it has a significant upgrade from its predecessor’s 1300W. Due to this, the ride becomes not just secure but remarkably stable and responsive. 

The revamped control board, featuring a larger heat sink and dual-cooling fans, works silently under the hood, dissipating unwanted heat from motor driver MOSFETs. 

These under-the-hood enhancements promise a ride that’s not only thrilling but reliable, thanks to various improvements in functionality.

Additionally, the user experience has been seriously considered. Say goodbye to awkward external handles, as the new Gotway unicycle has a telescopic retractable handle. 

Now, you can effortlessly transport your ride with style and ease. And speaking of style, the atmospheric LEDs are indeed a visual to admire.

A ring of programmable LEDs on each side of the wheel adds a touch of customization and flair, making your electric unicycle not just a mode of transportation but a visual statement.

As you sail along, you’ll appreciate the ideation behind these improvements. For instance, take the combination of power, functionality, and aesthetics that redefine the electric unicycle experience. 

9. Veteran Sherman Max (Best for Heavy Riders)

  • Top speed: 40 MPH
  • Range: 100 MILES
  • Weight: 330 LBS
  • Motor: 2000W
  • Charge Time: 6 to 8 Hours
  • Warranty: 12 months

All this wheel wants to do is fly. It accelerates more than I’m used to, from about ten mph up to mph (I set my limit at 35 mph because this is a new wheel for me). 

At 30 mph and up, it just sounds and feels like it has another gear or two to go, which might be dangerous at times but can still be avoided with better safety gear.

The wheel simply has the sensation of a work tool rather than a recreational vehicle.

 Some articles state that the Max has a lower top speed, but they also state that extra Torque in the Sherman Max makes for harder acceleration than the OG Sherman. In that sense, it’s a wash.

10. Veteran Patton (Best For Top Speed)

  • Top speed: 70MPH
  • Range: 70 miles
  • Weight: 265 lbs
  • Motor: 2220Wh
  • Charge Time: 4 to 5 Hours
  • Warranty: 12 months

The Veteran Patton is an 18-inch wheel by 3-rim. You have a three-inch wide tire that comes with knobby or street tires. 

Plus, this wheel is 126 volts, 2220 Watts, and has a top speed of 70 Mph. Since the suspension system is fully adjustable, it is 10 millimeters shorter than the veteran Sherman’s.  

This all-terrain with a high-torque commuter has set new standards for quality, performance, and durability. 

Furthermore, when you have a closer look at this wheel, you’ll notice spiked pedals. These Spike pedals are actually a little bit different than the Sherman’s. 

They’re a bit higher up, and they grip your feet much better. They are located on the rear right and at the bottom as well. 

Plus, the jump pad is fully removable and adjustable depending on how big your feet are. You can clamp down with higher or lesser force, depending on your ride.

One thing to note is when you purchase this wheel, it doesn’t come with the pads; you can buy them separately. You can get other third-party pads if you want and attach them with the six screws where the pads locate.

11. King Song 18S

  • Top speed: 30 MPH
  • Range: 60-70 miles
  • Weight: 250 lb
  • Motor: 1680W
  • Charge Time: 5.5 hr
  • Warranty: 12 months

Cruising through urban streets on the King Song 18S electric unicycle is more than just transportation; it’s a dynamic experience for all EV enthusiasts.

The 4 Bluetooth speakers, pumping out 20W of high-quality music, transform your wheel into a portable music player, syncing your ride with your favorite tunes effortlessly. 

As night sets in, the 18S adapts with light-sensitive head and tail lighting, ensuring a safe and stylish commuting experience. 

Furthermore, personalization takes the main charge with the pedal pitch angle feature, allowing you to customize the tilt angle to your preference. 

Whether a slight forward lean, a level surface, or a subtle backward incline, the 18S lets you ride comfortably and confidently, where you can ride in your own style. 

With the built-in USB charging, your 18S turns your 18S into a power hub for your devices. Moreover, with omnidirectional operation, this smooth sailor rides in any direction without a proper front or back.

12. Gotway MSuper X MSX (Best For high power motor)

  • Top speed: 35MPH
  • Range: 60 miles
  • Weight: 325 lbs
  • Motor: 1600Wh
  • Charge Time: 3.5 Hours
  • Warranty: 12 months

Being the fourth iteration of the Gotway 18” model, the MSX has many new features along with the old ones that have been enhanced. 

The Gotway MSuper X (MSX) is like entering the realm of top-tier electric unicycles, where power meets performance. The MSX claims its throne in the high-performance class, leveraging its immense power for those seeking a high-speed cruising experience. 

The substantial 19″ tire, designed with this purpose in mind, strikes a harmonious balance, enabling go-anywhere capability without compromising on the overall weight.

Its endurance on the road sets the MSX apart, boasting an impressive range of approximately 74 miles with its robust 1860Wh/144 cell battery pack. 

Cruising at a moderate 20MPH, the MSX promises extended journeys, though riders should be mindful that pushing the speed envelope might impact the range.

The MSX introduces a virtually silent ride, differing from the audible whine emitted by many electric unicycles upon activation. 

Notably, the MSX addresses concerns about controller overheating that have plagued earlier high-performance wheels.

13. Gotway Monster V3 

  • Top speed: 40 mph
  • Range: 70 miles
  • Weight: 286 lbs
  • Motor:  3000W
  • Charge Time: 6-8 Hours
  • Warranty: 12 months

The Gotway Monster 3 is the latest iteration of the previous Monster EUC. The main difference between the two models specifically stands out in the structure and exterior aesthetics. However, there are a few more exciting additions to the features as well. 

This Gotway comes with a black shell made of faux carbon filter and attached ribs to make the structure even stronger. 

If this was not enough, there are new features like the exclusive Nikola Pedals, An under-handle Lift switch, a brighter headlight, Bluetooth speakers, the monster logo illuminated design, and most importantly, the thicker gauge charging input wires.

While having a closer look at these features, the Nikola pedals have a grip tape surface in this new model; previously, the pedals had rubber, which made riders slip off in wet conditions.

Now, the new Gotway Monster’s most convenient feature is a life switch. It comes in handy when you lift the wheel up when you step off it; this switch suppresses the motor of your EUC to stop it from spinning.

Furthermore, I found the 1000-lumen power headlight powerful and helpful to ride in low light conditions. While talking about power, the thick gauge charging input wires have the ability to support 20A of charging current. Handling this much power is pretty incredible.  

Overall, the Monster V3 performs just as its name states, like a powerful monster. 

Additional Product – INMOTION Adventure Unicycle

Key features:

  • Top speed: 68.35 Mph
  • Range: 75 Miles
  • Weight: 85 lbs
  • Motor: 4000W
  • Warranty: 1 Year

This new off-roading beast, INMOTION Adventure Unicycle, is packed with powerful features and a massive motor power of 4000W. 

Generally, where all the personal mobility vehicles lose, beasts like this one rise and conquer all types of terrain while providing a top speed of 68.35 mph and 75 miles of maximum range.

Moreover, despite being a bit heavy, weighing 85 lbs, it can be carried by putting in a bit extra effort. You can look over the weight issue here as the product is much more than its weight, such as its cool yet sturdy design and structure. 

Plus, this good-looking unicycle offers eight rebound damping with 27 compression damping levels to provide enough suspension. 

Riders get complete freedom to control all the properties of the unicycle with the key features and additional accessories like a 1500-lumen  headlight, tail lights, and wide anti-slip footplates. 

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Ride An Electric Unicycle?

Many people find that it takes many hours. Some individuals require as little as 10 minutes, while others require more than two weeks.

It took me three to four days to figure it out. In my opinion, it’s easier to pick up than a skateboard and definitely easier than a traditional unicycle.

Overview: What Is An Electric Unicycle?

Electric Unicycles has a league of electric vehicles like electric scooters, electric skateboards, and hoverboards. However, this unique electric toy runs on only one wheel with batteries, a motor, and other electronic components.

Additionally, a unicycle has two pedals on both sides for the riders to stand. Many unicycles come with padded seats to sit on when going on long rides.

However, EUCs are not operated with the help of a remote control. They operated similarly to the electric hoverboards using gyroscopic technology.

In this technology, the rider’s movements control the speed and direction of the unicycle. When the rider leans forward, the sensors in the unicycle detect the acceleration command. When the rider leans backward, the unicycle detects the slowing down command, gradually stopping the unicycle.

The reason why you need to consider buying an electric unicycle is because they are compact, powerful, and lightweight. They have surpassed skateboards and scooters by allowing you to enjoy a popular yet unique vehicle. 

Check out our top 13 picks of electric unicycles for a wide range of variety in electric unicycles.

Benefits Of Electric Unicycle

The following benefits made it even more tempting for me to buy an electric unicycle. You should also check them out to find out what an electric unicycle has in store for you when you buy one.

1. Speed

An electric scooter can reach 30 mph on average, which is highly beneficial for riders to have a fun and fast ride. Some of the fastest can reach up to 55 mph with their maximum potential.

2. Weight

Electric unicycles are the lightest to carry, allowing users to carry them anywhere and transport them from one place to another without hassle. 

3. Portability

The best part I found amusing about unicycles is that they can be carried anywhere, giving you maximum portability due to their lightweight and compact size.

4. Comfort With Thrill

Some riders might not find electric unicycles the most comfortable alternative to their existing vehicle. However, riders who like challenges and thrilling experiences enjoy unicycle rides because of the challenging balance on a single wheel.

5. Popularity

Electric unicycles are more popular and loved by many adventurous riders nowadays. You can flaunt such a unique adult toy while enjoying a thrilling experience.

6. Personal Ownership Of A Popular Toy

With an electric unicycle, you get to have personal ownership of being an individual person to ride the vehicle while having an uncommon ride in your collection.

The Ultimate Buying Guide For Electric Unicycle

Buying an electric unicycle is a new experience for most riders and should done with proper research and guidance. You need to consider a few parameters while buying an electric unicycle to choose the right one.

1. Speed And Range

The first every rider should consider is the top speed and range of the unicycle. To be precise, unicycles powered by batteries can go very fast, but manufacturers only allow 30+ mph of top speed to electric unicycles on average. However, you might find electric unicycles with a top speed of 50 mph, but they are given security features to help you from getting injured.

You might find electric unicycles with a top speed of 50 mph, but they are given security features to help you avoid getting injured.

Plus, for long-distance commuters, range matters too. The range of a unicycle is determined based on terrain and the rider’s weight. So, be sure to check the given range.

2. Weight and wheel 

To know the portability and ride quality of the unicycle, checking the weight and the wheel size of the product is equally important. When you are not using the unicycle, and you need to carry the unicycle, the weight of the unicycle will determine whether you’ll be able to carry the unicycle or not.

Moreover, the wheel size will decide if the unicycle will handle tough terrain or give you an unstable ride. 

3. Charging Time

People like electric vehicles that charge up faster and don’t make them wait for hours. So, if you’re like most of these people, you need to be sure that the unicycle you are buying has a good quality battery and fast charging feature.

Also, ensure that the charger is specifically made for your electric scooter to avoid damaging the battery and reducing the battery life of the unicycle.

4. Safety Caution Features

Electric unicycle runs on a single wheel, which makes the rides risky even though they are adventurous. So, if you are a beginner, learn the unicycle step by step. Mainly, you should read the safety cautions and features the unicycle provides you to keep you safe while riding. 

These safety features should include quick brakes, controlled high speeds, overheating, etc.

Manufacturers usually get a UL2272 certification for meeting strict safety tests. Buyers must also confirm this certification to know that the unicycle has enough safety features.

5. Extra features

Once you’ve checked all the necessary features mentioned above, you can check if the unicycle has any extra features that add extra value to their unicycle. 

Riders are always looking for a unique factor in their vehicle that makes it stand out. You can check if the product offers features like Bluetooth, LED strips, and a mobile app for an enhanced riding experience.

6. Cost

Since electric unicycles are unique from other vehicles, even the cheapest option will cost you a reasonable price. Or if you go with a cheaper option, you will only get a unicycle lacking important features and must-have options.

However, I suggest spending a little extra, getting the ultimate solution for your commuting needs, and buying an electric unicycle with advanced features that ensure your safety. If you settle for cheaper options, it may cost you a severe injury.

Bonus: If you’re not sure how to buy a unicycle, check out my guide on how to ride a unicycle, which will take you through the process in detail.

Conclusion: Best Electric Unicycle!

So, this was my listing of the top 12 best electric Unicycles, from which you can choose the one that best suits your needs. 

Consider factors like speed, weight, charging time, safety, and cost to choose one that suits you best.

That buying guide emerged from my experience buying an EUC, specifically when I bought the King Song 16X. It turned out to be the best decision for me. 

The reason why the King Song 16X has the ability to be highly reliable for me when it comes to performance, build quality, expenses, and many other important factors that made my experience with it delightful.

You can also go with other options on the list if they align with your budget and requirements. 

Did you spot your favorite electric Unicycle on the list? Let me know in the comments section below. 


Which is the best unicycle from all viewpoints?

There is a little bit of competition for the best unicycle between the King Song 16X and the Veteran Sherman Max. So, if you buy either one of them, you will get one of the best unicycles on the market.

What is the standard range of cost of an electric unicycle?

The standard cost range of an electric unicycle is approximately around $2000 in the U.S.A.

What is the average maximum range of an electric unicycle?

The average maximum range of an electric unicycle is approximately 30 miles.

What is the average maximum speed of an electric unicycle?

The average maximum speed of an electric unicycle is 60 mph.

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