Can You Ride An Electric Scooter In The Rain?

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Even though it is fun to ride around on your electric scooter is fun, can you really ride an electric scooter in the rain?

This subject has been a hot topic of debate since electric scooters became water-resistant and enthusiasts started taking them out in the rain.

So,  it is better to avoid riding in the rain or other dangerous weather conditions, such as heavy rains, icy rainfall, and foggy weather.

In addition, many aspects of this question come to the eye. Therefore, let’s quickly take a look at the article below.

Electric Scooter Waterproofing based on their IP Ratings

Most electric scooters in the market have IP Ratings representing their water resistance rating. That means the IP-rated electric scooters are safe to ride in the rain. 

Electric Scooter In the rain

However, if you take your electric scooter fully in the water, it will make it fixable. So, as long as you ride on your electric scooter in the rain, it will not harm you. The IP-rated machine will work fine in wet weather.

Additionally, you can look for the IP rating of the electric scooter, but meanwhile, remember, if you ride in the rain, the wet weather will affect the braking distance of the scooter because the tires will not have as strong of a grip on the pavement. 

The scooter’s tires will easily skim over the watery surface in a puddle. 

For more understanding, let’s look at the IP rating while determining how electric scooters work fine in the rain.

  • None: Avoid riding your e-scooter in the rain even though it can resist water because there is no guarantee.  
  • IPX4: Rides nicely in the fog or on damp surfaces and can withstand brief or mild rain. 
  • IPX5: Rides nicely through puddles or mild rain. 
  • IP34: Tolerates dusty, damp, and hazy weather conditions. 
  • IP54: Light freight, soggy ground, humidity, wetness, and off-road conditions are all covered. IP55: Off-roading, heavy rain, and puddles. 
  • IP65: All-terrain, rainy weather, and constant rain resistance. 
  • IP67: Constant, heavy rain with some submersion. This grade is for an exceptional electric scooter that is water-resistant. 

Why are low IP Ratings risky in the rain?

Electric scooters can be used in light rain because they are often splash and water-resistant but not totally waterproof. 

The scooter will become dysfunctional if you submerge it in unsafe conditions. Although it won’t electrocute you, it will stop working. 

In most cases, the damage caused by too much water is unchangeable, and the scooter ends up useless. 

The subject of whether or not you may ride in the rain has been one of the most frequently asked since electric scooters became legal.

Can High IP-rated electric scooters be ridden through water?

While the batteries of a high IP electric scooter are not waterproof, the engines are, thanks to protective casings. 

The power supply will deplete rapidly and eventually fail if you operate the scooter for a long time in the rain or other excessively moist situations. 

You can end up being abandoned. The battery may also lose its ability to keep a charge after exposure to the rain.

Meanwhile, remember there is a chance for electric scooters to tolerate excessive moisture, but the battery might not work against exposure to wetness.

In addition, always ensure to park your electric scooter inside because water and dust-proof e-scooters can also be damaged in outside conditions.

Weather Conditions in which you shouldn’t ride on an electric scooter.

There are a few weather conditions that you might want to consider while riding on your electric scooter, as it is better to avoid them than face them.

Hence, the following are the weather conditions you should avoid:

1. Heavy Rainfall

 Electric scooter ride in Heavy Rainfall

You should always avoid riding in heavy rains as they can damage your scooter’s battery and destroy it entirely. Plus, it may make your scooter slip on the surface due to heavy road water flow.

2. Icy Rain

Icy Rain

Riding in the rain, even on an electric scooter, is not advised. Patches of black ice are created when rain freezes, making them extremely slick. Riding conditions are extremely risky and dangerous because the scooter can easily slide across the ice’s surface and not stop. 

3. Blurred or Foggy Weather

Blurred or Foggy Weather

Riding in blurred foggy weather can be risky and life-threatening if you come across an object or vehicle coming from the opposite side. Additionally, it stops you from seeing where you are going by blurring your visibility while riding.

Safety tips To ride electric scooter in rain

These are some safety tips to follow to an ride electric scooter in rain

  1. Always wear waterproof shoes and clothes.
  2. Turn on the scooters light for better visibility.
  3. After riding, dry your scooter to prevent rust.
  4. You should always maintain a safe distance from others.
  5. Whenever riding, apply brakes gently to avoid skidding.

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Wrapping Up- Can You Ride An Electric Scooter In The Rain

When riding in anything other than very light rain, riders should exercise sensible judgment and lean firmly on the safer side of caution. 

Even scooters that are water-resistant are susceptible to destruction from moisture exposure. Plus, seasoned riders have been known to underestimate the stopping distance on slippery surfaces. 

Hence, ensure that you ride your e-scooter in the rain with regulations, wear a helmet, and prioritize your safety and the safety of others on the road when riding in rainy weather.


How can I protect my electric scooter from rain?

Taping up your electric scooter with Duct tape can save your electric scooter from rain while riding.

Is it right to leave your electric scooters outside?

The ideal way to keep your electric scooter in good condition for a long time, you should keep it in a clean and dry place where dust cannot enter. Hence, it is not right to leave your electric scooter outside.

Is stream water on an electric scooter with a hose okay?

As long as you stream it gently, it is fine to stream water on your electric scooter with a hose.

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