Electric Scooter Storage 2024: Essential Tips, Dos & Don’ts

Electric Scooter storage

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With winter arriving soon to your doorstep, taking out your electric scooter outside in all the snow won’t be possible. So, it’s time to make electric scooter storage to keep it safe while in resting mode.

While it is not difficult to store an e-scooter, there are a few pointers to remember to prevent future damages and losses.

Therefore, I have curated a list of some pointers that help keep an e-scooter safe and as good as new when it’s stored away.

So, let’s go through a few electric scooter storage tips to save it from issues like corrosion, damage, etc.

Tips To Store An Electric Scooter The Correct Way

With the following tips, you will learn the correct way of storing an electric scooter featuring cleaning, caring for the components like the battery, and packing it up.

Let’s have a look at them one by one:

1. Clean Your Electric Scooter

Cleaning your electric scooter on the right is important to make it last longer. It is necessary ro be followed after every few days. Use a damped wet cloth to wipe the dirt and grit off your electric scooter and clean it thoroughly.

It will also help you notice any issues with your electric scooter, which might be hidden under all the dirt covering the inner parts. You can look at the connecting wires, which must be tightened or sprayed to prevent corrosion.

You should give your electric scooter a dry place to be stored to avoid rusting and corrosion issues meanwhile you let it rest. That being said, moist places are an enemy to your electric scooter.

Clean Your Electric Scooter

2. Take Care Of The Battery

If you are storing your electric scooter for the Winter, the essential thing you should take care of is the scooter’s battery. 

It is the most important part to keep your electric scooter working for a long time and to maintain the battery life to exhaust as slowly as possible.

The best thing you can do is remove the battery from the scooter to check if connections and wires are in place. Further, store the battery at a suitable temperature.

You can also put the battery in a bag or a box-like container to prevent it from getting dirty and moist. Additionally, keep recharging it after each 2 to 3 months with the original charger only. 

One more important tip you should be aware of is that you should only charge the battery from 50% to 70% when you are going to keep it stored, as it leads to maintaining the battery capacity.

Take Care Of The Battery

3. Pack Up The Scooter 

Now, this isn’t rocket science, but it is necessary to pack your beloved electric scooter in proper conditioning and packaging. Waterproof and protective packaging would be best in this scenario.

Where Should You Store Your Electric Scooter?

Ensure that it is situated in a dry area. Keep it away from areas with condensation, no warmth and close to any source of heat when packing it.

Every once in a while, inspect the electric scooter. The perfect ambient temperature is 10°C/50F.

When And How Should You Take Your Electric Scooter Out Of Storage?

Perhaps the time may come to hit the roads again after some weeks have passed. Charge the battery completely, then examine each connector for damage.  

Examine each of the additional parts additionally.  For example, Tyre issues, displays, the horn, and the brakes.

Places You Shouldn’t Choose As Electric Scooter Storage

There are some conditions and a few places where experts do not recommend storing your e-scooter. Let’s have a look at these places:

  • An electric scooter user should know the rule of not storing their electric scooter outside if they have used an e-scooter for a long time. Keeping an electric scooter outside exposes it to rain, dust, and snow.
  • Moisture is harmful to your electric scooter and its battery. Hence, you shouldn’t keep an electric scooter in a humid or damped place.
  • Keep your scooter away from cluttered spaces to prevent it from getting damaged. Plus, you might not have space to access the scooter between so many things.
  • Strong odors can ooze into non-living things like an electric scooter as well. Hence, store it away from areas with strong odors, such as chemicals and materials that smell.

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Wrapping Up!

With simple yet crucial tips regarding electric scooter storage, you can be at peace knowing it is safe with all its components in check. However, if you forgetfully ignore these tips, it might result in your electric scooter getting damaged or the battery life shortened.

Moreover, these tips are not rocket science and are not at all complicated to follow. It might seem a hassle now, but it will save you from greater loss in the future.

Lastly, don’t forget to make the hibernation period beneficial for your electric scooter with the above-mentioned tips.


1. Should you store your electric scooter in your house?

It is absolutely fine to store your electric scooter in your house but ensure to store it in a dry place and away from moisture.

2. Is keeping an electric scooter upright (vertically) okay?

You can keep it upright if you have a placing stand and rack specifically for storing an electric scooter.

3. Can you leave an electric scooter outside in the snowy winter?

As mentioned in the article, you should keep your e-scooter away from anything that is moist and damaging. Hence, you shouldn’t leave it outside in the snow.

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