Bike Size Chart: How to Choose the Right Bike for Your Height

Bike Size Chart

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Sometimes even if you like a bike’s style, the bike’s size doesn’t always fit you. Hence, knowing how to calculate bike size or have a Bike Size Chart up your sleeves is necessary.

Additonally, if you are a proactive cyclist, this is the right way to know whether your future bike fits your height and inseam length.

I have covered multiple methods to help you find the right bike size based on parameters like height, inseam length, and bike sizes. 

So, without waiting another minute, let’s take a look at the details.

Which Bike Size Should I Get?

With each method, you can quickly determine the bike size that should fit you in three bike categories: Your Height, Hybrid, Mountain, and Road Bike.

Bike Size Should I Get

Method 1: Based On Your Height

The easiest way to choose the right bike size for you is to measure the bike size based on your height. It only requires comparing the height with the bike sizes mentioned in the chart below.

Based on your height

Method 2: Based On Your Inseam Length & Bike Size 

This is not the easiest, but the best bike size measuring method people use widely. In this method, users require to measure their Inseam Length (the length from the middle of the legs to the feet) with the bike size chart.

After measuring the Inseam Length, you can use it to compare with different bike sizes.

Moreover, many manufacturers utilize a tube length on bike-size seats with other specifications like stand-over height (the distance between the ground and upper end of the tube).

So, if the Inseam Height is shorter than the bike size, the bike is bigger for you.  The clearance at least should be between 1 to 2 inches (clearance is the difference between inseam length and standover height).

1. Hybrid Bike Size Chart

Hybrid bikes vary from XS TO XL sizes and heights. However, three types of size dimensions are still measured in Inches, Centimeters, and other descriptive sizes.

In the table below, you will see a simplified classification of size dimensions of bike sizes. You refer to it to compare your inseam length and bike size.

Hybrid Bike Size Chart

2. Mountain Bike Size Chart

The typical way of measuring a mountain bike’s sizes is in inches and descriptive sizes from XS to XL.

Mountain Bike Size Chart

3. Road Bike Size Chart

Road bikes’ size dimensions are measured based on units like centimeters and other descriptive sizes. 

While selecting the road bike size, you should pay extra attention to it. People spend extra time cycling on a road bike; hence, it is a crucial choice.

Therefore, you can refer to the following chart, which also applies to road bikes like cyclocross and gravel bikes.

Road Bike Size Chart

How To Measure Your Inseam Length & Calculate Bike Size?

As you saw in the above section, that is measured on the basis of the length of the seat tube. So, to effortlessly employ this method, you are required to know the length of your inseam.

Hence, to make your job easier the next time you buy a bike, employ the formulas given below based on the bike type you are buying.

Measure Your Inseam Length & Calculate Bike Size

Once you get the results after using these formulae, take it as per the closest whole number (without fraction). It will match up with the bike sizes in the charts mentioned above with a little bit of difference here and there.

Noe that you know how to measure a bike size with the help of a few formulas, let’s see how you can measure the Inseam Length.

To measure the inseam length, you can follow the steps given below:

1. Get a book 0.75 – 1 inch thicker and a measuring tape.

2. Remove your shoes, keep your back to the walk, and stand like that.

3. Keep the book between your legs and in your inseam; pull it up and tightly hold it in your thighs. Also, ensure to hold the book against the wall on the other side’s end.

4. Start measuring from the length of the book’s top to the ground.

5. Note down the measurement and use it to compare it with the bike size chart.

Bike Size Chart

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Wrapping Up!

When you know how to assess a bike size chart properly, the task of choosing the right bike for you becomes easier. 

Moreover, any of the above-mentioned methods, such as measuring based on the rider’s height, measuring based on inseam length with bike size, and measuring the bike size itself with given steps, will help you calculate the right bike size for you.

If you still feel unsure about choosing the right bike size, you can simply use a bike size calculator available online.


1. Which one is better? A 26-inch bike or a 29-inch bike?

Even though it’s based on your personal preference and your type of riding, for smoother trails, you should go for a 26-inch bike, and for tougher trails 29-inch bike for better performance.

2. How will I know if the bike is too tall for me?

If the bike’s handlebars are not in line with your saddle and you can’t french them comfortably, it is a sign that the bike is too tall for you.

3. Is it true that seat height affects the bike?

If you want a smooth riding experience, it is necessary to have proper seat height because the saddle’s position can affect everything, including from pedaling to the o]posture you have while riding the bike.

4. How should a seat be on a bike? Leveled or tilted?

A bike’s seat or saddle should be horizontally between, and the nose should be downward at 4 degrees.

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