9 Best Electric Scooter Rental Services To Use In Market 2024

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To make your search easy for e-scooter rental services, we have researched thoroughly. Our experts have selected a few e-scooter rental services for you. 

This is the era of the micro-mobility revolution. All the facts and figures you need to know are given in the list of service providers below. 

But first, know why renting an electric scooter is more beneficial than buying one. Shall we?

Top 9 Electric Scooter Rental Services: In A Nutshell (2024)

If you are in a hurry is quick overview to go through

Sr. No.Electric Scooter Rental CompanyRatings
1.Lime (#1 E-scooter rental service in the market) 5/5
2.Spin (Best for rental service to avail discounts)4/5
3.Bird (Best for long-term renting)4.5/5
4.Lyft (Best known for flexible transportation)4.5/5
5.Veo (Best for equipment options)4/5
6.Skip (Best for advanced booking)3.5/5
7.Scoot (Best for variety of fleets) 3.5/5
8.Goat (Best for dockless commuters)3/5
9.Bolt (Best known for affordable pricing)4/5

9 Best Electric Scooter Rental Services That You Can Use In 2024

Here we have mentioned the 9 best electric scooter rental services. Let’s dive into it in more detail:

1. Lime – #1 E-scooter Rental in the Market

Lime is a USA-based e-scooter rental service. It is available as a smartphone app

The app quickly finds your location and helps you reach the nearest dock station by directing you to it. 

 Lime - #1 E-scooter Rental in the market

Lime is one of the top companies in the rental service market, which provides services in many cities globally.

Their USP: 

Lime is providing a few programs for their users to make a community of their regular users and engage with them, such as

  • Lime Access– This program gives the privilege of using Lime scooters without using smartphones and credit cards.
  • Lime Corporate Partners Program– This program is for organizations willing to give their employees access to their commuters.
  • Limehub Network– For small business owners to help them add value to their customer service.
  • Lime Real Estate Partner Program– It is made for realtors and property sellers to help them have better location mobility.
  • Lime Campus– A program made for students. 


  • The company provides many offers and discounts to help people who can’t afford pricey scooters.
  • Features like group scooting are available for people looking for scooters.
  • User-friendly interface and features in the mobile application to make bookings easy.


  • There is no guarantee for smoother rides on their scooters. 


Price varies from city to city. To know the prices in your town, download the Lime App on your smartphone.


5 out of 5 stars for great offers and easy bookings.

2. Spin- Best Rental Service to Avail Discounts

Spin is becoming the best rental service to avail discounts. It provides special programs on the app. 

A program called ‘Spin Access’ provides accessibility regarding transportation. It is affordable in price to the regular committed users. 

Spin- Best Rental Service to avail discounts

The ford motor company owns spin. It was launched in California and was based in San Francisco. 

Their USP:

People who can’t afford the rates of the rides get many discounts the company provides.


  • Prices are as reasonable as other top electric scooter rental service companies
  • Free helmet offer for people in San Francisco
  • Available in the U.S.A. and some other countries like the U.K., Canada, Portugal, and many more.


  • There are no options for unlocking multiple scooters for group commuting.


Price varies from city to city. To know the prices in your town, download the Spin App on your smartphone.


4 out of 5 stars for huge discounts and availability in many countries.

3. Bird- Best for Long-Term Renting

Bird is available in 54 cities in U.S. A. and many other cities across the globe. Although the long-term scooter renting option is only available in a few selected cities in the U.S.

Bird- Best for Long-Term Renting

The electric bird scooters are available in three models: BIRD One, Bird Two, and Bird Cruiser(two-seater electric bicycle). 

The pricing of the bird scooters is similar to other rental services, which are on a per-minute basis

Their USP:

Bird provides electric scooters on a long-term basis, such as a monthly scooter renting option in select locations.


  • 30-minute scooter reservations in advance for riders.
  • There are options to choose from in the e-scooter and e-bike models.
  • Available in about 54 cities all across the U.S.A.


  • Users can’t see the pricing section and scooter availability without adding money to their application accounts.


Price varies from city to city. To know the prices in your town, download the Bird App on your smartphone.


4.5 out of 5 stars for various options in fleets and multiple cities.  

4. Lyft – Best Known for Flexible Transportation

Lyft is known to have one of the best transportation globally

It has many features for different types of transportation options in its smartphone application. 

Its user-friendly interface helps users to use the elements to their utmost ability.

Lyft - Best Known for flexible transportation

Their USP: 

Providing flexible transportation with smooth rides, as you can find multiple transportation options on the app. 


  • Good feedback from riders around the world about finding the Lyft scooter of high quality.
  • The application has top valuable features, which the users review highly.


  • Lesser regional coverage than similar service providers in the market.


Price varies from city to city. To know the prices in your town, download the Lyft App on your smartphone.


4.5 out of 5 stars for quick bookings and instant ride availability. 

5. Veo – Best for Equipment Options

One of the best economical and a variety of equipment options of electric scooter rental companies includes traditional electric scooters, seater scooters, e-bicycles, and pedal bicycles.

Veo - Best for equipment options

Their scooters have an ultimate aluminium frame and a variety of vehicles.

Their USP: 

Variety of equipment options for e-scooters 


  • Well-reviewed smartphone application.
  • Better quality in standing and seated scooters along with other vehicles.
  • Electric scooter available up to 31 miles with a fully charged battery.


  • Geographic coverage of selected regions and cities.


Price varies from city to city. To know the prices in your town, download the Veo App on your smartphone.


4 out of 5 stars for improvised quality and service loved by many riders.

6. Skip – Best for Advance Booking

Skip was launched and based in San Francisco by Boosted Boards. 

Users will need to download their phone application to avail of offers. These offers are only available online. 

The application allows users to book rides in advance using its unique features. 

Skip - Best for advance booking

Their USP: 

Riders can book their scooters in advance and schedule their ride according to convenience.


  • Rider will have to scan the ride’s barcode to unlock the ride.
  • User-friendly phone application interface for a smoother experience.


  • It is not yet available in countries other than the U.S.A. 


Price varies from city to city. To know the prices in your town, download the Skip App on your smartphone.


3.5 out of 5 stars for the feature to book rides according to the rider’s convenience.

7. Scoot – for a Variety of Fleets

Scoot provides rental services for fleets, e-bicycles, electric commuter scooters, and e-bikes. 

Scoot has expanded to more than 400 fleets along with some cargo scooters from ‘Govecs,’ a german manufacturer. 

Scoot was taken over by Bird in 2019 and became their subsidiary company.

Scoot - for a variety of fleets

Their USP:

Scoot is quite famous for its flexible mobility service. 


  • You can use all sorts of e-bikes, electric commuters, and bicycles in their sharing program.  


  • Not available in many regions.


Price varies from city to city. To know the prices in your town, download the Scoot App on your smartphone.


3.5 out of 5 stars for service for multiple vehicle types.

8. Goat – Best for Dockless Commuters

This electric scooter company only provides scooter-sharing services in urban regions.  They still need to provide services in rural areas.

Goat is Consistently working on making improvements to avoid pollution. it is expanding its business across the nation by collaborating with different cities. 

Goat - best for dockless commuters

It is a dockless e-scooter-sharing company. You can park the vehicle anywhere once you are done using it.

Their USP:

Reducing the trouble of parking and providing mobility for people by availing 

of dockless electric scooters.


  • Goat electric scooters can be parked anywhere in any public spot as they are dockless.
  • Flexible and convenient mobility.


  • Not available in rural areas and regions.


Price varies from city to city. To know the prices in your town, download the Goat App on your smartphone.


3 out of 5 stars for multiple benefits such as permit assistance and cost-efficient

9. Bolt – Best Known for Affordable Pricing

Boat provides all sorts of vehicles for sharing and hiring for businesses and ordinary people

Bolt is also a dockless electric scooter company. It saves the trouble of finding a spot for parking.

The booking part is pretty easy to follow. Although they may have some safety rules for riders to follow to ride on their scooter or any other vehicle.

Bolt - Best known for affordable pricing

Their USP:

Bolt is known for their affordable pricing on the rides and the rentals.


  • You can find how to ride an electric scooter guide on their official website.
  • Gives a variety of options for other vehicles


  • Limited variety in electric scooters as they provide rental services for other types of vehicles too.


Price varies from city to city. To know the prices in your city, download the Bolt App on your smartphone.


4 out of 5 stars for affordable pricing and for a user-friendly interface.

Legal Advice For Rental Scooters

When employees use scooters while at work, the employer’s liability is changed. If you need to choose your strategy for ride-sharing, evaluate the risks and proactively handle them. To determine the type and scope of coverage needed for the specific scope of services, speak with your insurance broker. 

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Final Verdict: Best Electric Scooter Rental Services (2024)

These are the Top 9 electric scooter rental and sharing services. Each is known for its unique USP, making them stand in the top rental services list. 

Many people are adopting the habit the renting electric scooters instead of buying them. 

We at ‘Electron Wheels’ are at your service, and we would love to hear your feedback on ‘how useful this article was for you?’ Let us know in the comment section.

FAQs: Electric Scooter Rental Services

How to use rental-sharing applications?

You can book your ride by downloading the rental-sharing service company’s smartphone application after locating your city on the app.

Best e-scooter rental service company from all perspectives?

The e-scooter rental service which is best from all perspectives is ‘Lime’.you can rely on their service for convenient and smooth bookings.

Are these services available all over the world?

Some are available in many cities around the globe, but some are restricted to limited regions only.

How to know if this service is available in your city?

To find out if this service is available in your city, follow these steps:
1. Download the company’s application on your smartphone 
2. Type the city in the location search box or find your city in the given list.
If the service is available in your city, it will appear on the app. That’s how you can determine if this service is available in your city. 

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