Scooter Rental vs Scooter Subscription: Ultimate Comparison

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In recent years, using electric scooters as transportation has gained popularity. They are economical, practical, and sustainable. 

But, with the renting and subscribing services emerging, how do you decide between a scooter subscription and a scooter rental?

It also caused many talks, with many individuals supporting rentals. 

On the other hand, some people believe that subscribing to an inexpensive electric scooter is a wise long-term investment that doesn’t bring the hassle of paying a daily charge.

Therefore, we have tried our best to answer your questions regarding the matter. So, let’s take a look!

Scooter Rental and Scooter Subscription Models (How Does It Work?)

Scooter Rental and Scooter Subscription Models

Multiple factors define both of these models accurately, including the pricing framework, Availability, Services & Timings, and their Quality Checking standards.

1. Pricing Framework

Several electric scooter brands now provide subscription-based services to combat the main drawback of rental scooters, which is astronomically high long-term costs.

There are numerous subscription-based electric scooter services available all over the world. 

Each one has a unique pricing structure and mode of payment when considering purchasing one. 

Plus, many provide a subscription service, which is a better option for acquiring your own electric scooter.

By subscribing to a scooter, you are purchasing it, enabling you to ride without paying a rental price each time you want to unlock the scooter for use.

2. Availability, Along With Easy Access

A few elements contribute to the fact that subscription services are likely to offer less in terms of electric scooter availability and accessibility.

The reason is, despite the fact that many scooter subscription services have an app that allows you to reserve the electric scooter you want to use for the day, you have no authority over the scooter you rent.

But if you use a rental service, you can pick the scooter that best suits your preference and riding style before you pay the unlock price for the electric scooter.

3. Service Based On Location And Timings

Electric scooter renting services are available in many countries, but subscription services are not yet expanded as far as rentals. This is due to the fact that the culture of renting a scooter is as old as the time when the first scooter was invented. 

However, subscription services allow you to take the bike home and return it when your subscription ends.

Also, while rentals offer services in extra hours and locations, electric scooter subscriptions offer services in specified locations.

4. Quality Check

Subscribers have access to greater quality along with Maintenance standards because they pay in advance for full access to it. While rental scooters are frequently chosen, they are of lower quality.

Quality Check

Moreover, with a subscribed model, users must settle for the one the service provider has assigned.

Cost Comparison: Scooter Rental Vs. Scooter Subscription.

The Cost comparison of both Scooter Rental and Scooter Subscription Services is represented in the table given below.

ParametersScooter RentalScooter Subscription
Initial ChargesYou need to pay a small decided amount for the first hour after renting it.You must sign up for a subscription plan which will be charged according to the company’s packages.
Hourly/ Per Day RatesAn hourly or per-minute rent will be applied for the duration you use the rental scooter.Once you buy the subscription, there is no need to pay any additional fees for the service.
Maintenance and Repairing ExpensesRentals don’t have the hassle of maintaining as they come with a tracker and a facility to call the technician through that.With a subscribed scooter, the crucial setback is that you must maintain it at its best, as it is your responsibility until your subscription ends.
Insurance CoverageNo insurance comes with a rental scooter. You will be liable for any damage that occurs while it is under your care.No insurance comes with a subscribed scooter, either. You will be liable for any damage that occurs while it is under your care.
Cost Comparison-Scooter Rental Vs Scooter Subscription

Evaluating The Trade-offs Between Electric Scooter Rental And Scooter Subscription

Along with offering significant consumer benefits, Scooter Rental and Scooter Subscription services have their fair share of drawbacks. Therefore, it is necessary to understand them from both aspects. Lets evaluate the tradeoffs between scooter rentals and scooter subscriptions with the help of the following pros n cons of both the services.

Pros And Cons of Scooter Rental Services

Here are the pros and cons of Scooter Rental Services, which will help you understand the model:

The cost per ride is more profitable than owning a scooter.If you keep renting electric scooters, the costs keep adding up. It results in the user spending more than a new scooter’s price.
It’s not your responsibility to spend on any extra maintenance charges.The quality of the rental electric scooters is not top-notch.
You won’t need to charge a rental e-scooter as it will be handed to you fully charged.
You can choose from a variety of scooters as there are multiple options in the market for rental companies and scooters.

Pros And Cons of Scooter Subscription Services

Here are the pros and cons of Scooter Subscription Services, which will help you understand the model:

Subscribed scooters offer better quality scooters than rented ones.You are burdened with the additional responsibility of taking care of the subscribed e-scooter.
It is not profitable to subscribe to an electric scooter service for a short-distanced ride,You cannot avail subscribed scooter instant like a rental scooter.
You can use a subscribed scooter like it is your own.
Subscribing to a scooter is also profitable, as you don’t have to pay once your installments are done.

List of some Trusted Scooter Rental and Scooter Subscription Services

Below are examples of some of the trusted Scooter Rental and Scooter Subscription Services that will come in handy if you want to rent or subscribe to an electric scooter.

Scooter Rental Services:

1. Bird

Among the oldest and most popular rental firms for scooters in the US is called Bird. Finding and unlocking scooters nearby is possible with the Bird app. Pay-per-ride, recurring monthly subscriptions, and corporate accounts are currently among the few of the various methods of payment that Bird offers.

2. Lime

It is one of the most well-known rental scooter firms in the US. They have a sizable fleet of scooters that are accessible in more than 100 cities around the nation. It’s simple to hire and utilize Lime scooters, and they’re a wonderful way to travel around town.

3. Goat

 It is an American scooter-sharing company, a dockless electric scooter company that is available in urban areas. The company has plans to bootstrap in local cities and launch its electric scooter rental service across the nation.

4. Spin

The third well-known scooter rental service in the US is called Pin, and it serves more than 30 US locations. A pay-per-minute pricing structure is available.

Scooter Subscription Services:

1. Unagi

 Unagi has recently started subscription services while giving their top-performing electric scooters a subscription. It is expanded throughout the continental US.

2. Ridepanda

Ridepanda is an emerging electric scooter subscription service expanding in some cities in America.

3. Bird

Like many other rental scooter services, Bird has launched its scooter subscription services in the USA. it is charging a $5.99 per month subscription.

4. Lime Prime

Lime has recently started with a scooter subscription service under the name Lime Prime. It is a monthly subscription-based service.

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Final Verdict! Scooter Rental Vs Scooter Subscription

Scooter rental and scooter subscription are both great options to get around the city. Thorough which one suits you the best?

Your particular needs and patterns of use will determine the answer. Renting a scooter is definitely the best choice if you only need it sometimes. On the other hand, a subscription will be a better option if you frequently use a scooter.

Also, ultimately, you can compare the pros and cons given above to make a choice without having to regret any wrong decisions later.

FAQs: Scooter Rental Vs. Scooter Subscription

What scooter app has the best price?

Due to the company’s choice to include the sales tax in the ticket, Lime offers the lowest scooter fare. With no payment needed to start riding, it also offers the lowest start-up cost.

Can I rent two Bird scooters at once?

After starting your own ride, you can unlock numerous Birds for other riders in a few cities.

Can I keep my Lime scooter wherever my ride ends?

If the vehicles are in a banned area, the app might not let you stop your journey. You could be fined if you or your visitors leave your vehicles at these locations. Please make sure you park in specified spaces away from people and other cars for your own safety and the safety of others.

What is the difference between Lime Ride Pass and Lime Pride?

While Ride Passes provide unlimited rides over a specified time period, such as a day or month, LimePrime is a monthly membership/subscription.

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