10 Best EV Charging Apps For All Cars (2024 Edition)

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Demand for Electric Vehicles has been on the rise, and to know about the charging spots, it is very important to have a list of the best EV charging apps available.

As an EV driver, I rely on charging apps to locate stations when I’m on long trips. Just last week, my electric car’s battery ran low halfway through a drive to visit my parents. Thankfully, my charging app helped me quickly find a station near the next exit to recharge.

Stories like mine are becoming more common as EVs gain popularity. While EV drivers enjoy many benefits, charging can be challenging without the right app. 

In this article, I’ll review the top 10 charging apps based on my firsthand experience testing them out. Whether you’re new to EVs or a seasoned driver, these apps make charging on the go a breeze by helping you find stations, get directions, check availability, and make payments.

Let’s get started. 

What EV Charging Apps Do?

Charging apps assist electric vehicle owners in locating stations, specifying charger types (Level 2 or Level 3 DC Fast Charging), and providing details like available kilowatts and usage status.

Users can also monitor their vehicle’s charging progress post-plug-in, enhancing convenience and control.

These features optimize the charging experience and contribute to efficient electric vehicle use.

Top 10 EV Charging Apps In 2024 (Overview)

Before jumping to the review, take a quick look at the top 10 EV charging apps.

Sr. No.EV Charging AppsApp Available OnRatings
1Electrify AmericaAndroid, iOS4.9
2MontaAndroid, iOS4.8
3True EnergyAndroid, iOS4.8
4EVgoAndroid, iOS4.8
5ChargewayAndroid, iOS4.7
6Electro MapsAndroid, iOS4.6
7PlugShareAndroid, iOS4.6
8EV EnergyAndroid, iOS4.6
9TeslaAndroid, iOS4.5

Here is the complete list of the best EV charging apps that can be game-changers for EV owners. 

1. Electrify America

One of the largest and most widely available EV charging networks in the U.S. is Electrify America. Their app allows you to locate Electrify America charging stations easily, get turn-by-turn directions, check the real-time status of stations, and initiate and pay for charging sessions right from your smartphone.

Electrify America

Stations are located across 42 states and DC, with plans for continued expansion. The Electrify America network includes DC fast chargers capable of delivering up to 350kW power, adding 20+ miles of range per minute to compatible EVs. 

An important feature of the app is the ability to filter for specific stations like these ultra-fast chargers.

This EV charging app also provides estimated charging costs before you connect and start the session, so you know exactly what to expect. Authentication and payment all happen within the app once you arrive at the station.

Key Features:

  • Locate Electrify America stations along your route
  • Real-time station availability info
  • In-app charging session initiation and payment
  • Filter for ultra-fast 350kW chargers

2. Monta

When it comes to finding the best app for EV charging stations, Monta excels at its best. Formerly known as Evie Network, the app offers one of the largest roaming networks in North America, with access to over 350,000 charging ports. 

This is the best app for EV charging stations that lets you easily locate stations within their network, viewport availability, navigate to the station, and pay directly from the app in a seamless experience.


Monta’s vast network includes Level 2 and DC fast charging stations from various providers like Volta, EVgo, ChargePoint, and more. Their artificial intelligence capabilities can recommend the most convenient stations along your route based on estimated charging time and traffic conditions. The app also provides estimated charging cost information upfront.

Key Features:

  • Access 350,000+ charging ports across North America
  • Real-time availability info
  • In-app payments and activation
  • AI-powered trip and station recommendations

3. True Energy

True Energy features an extensive worldwide map that highlights key information about charging ports in a clear and concise manner. Electric car owners should consider factors like location, network reliability, and charging speed when determining the best charging station for their needs. 

The app provides these useful filters that allow you to locate stations based on maximum power output, plug types available, and payment methods accepted.

True Energy

True Energy also incorporates crowdsourcing to provide real-time usage and availability details, thanks to feedback from its community of users. 

In-app navigation with voice guidance is provided to get you to your selected station. The app is free to use and available on both iOS and Android.

Key Features:

  • Worldwide charging station map
  • Filters (max power, plug types, payment)
  • Crowdsourced real-time availability
  • Turn-by-turn navigation and voice guidance

4. EVgo

As the largest public EV fast-charging network in the U.S., EVgo is a crucial app for many EV drivers. It allows you to locate EVgo fast charging stations along your route, view live station status, and easily start a fast charging session directly from the app by scanning codes on the station.


EVgo stations are 100% renewable-energy powered and capable of delivering from 50kW to 350kW fast charging. The EV charging app provides estimated trip times, including charging stops, and can recommend the fastest charging stations for you. 

It also clearly shows pricing information for pay-as-you-go charging. To ensure a smooth charging experience with this app, it’s advisable to plan your route based on the availability of the best EV charging stations along the way.

Key Features:

  • Locate EVgo fast charging stations
  • Real-time status and availability
  • In-app starting of charging session
  • Estimated trip times with charging
  • Pricing info for pay-as-you-go charging

5. Chargeway

This is a free EV charging stations app that takes a unique approach by using simple color coding to communicate charging station speed and connector types. This allows users to match their EVs to compatible stations at-a-glance. 

The EV charger app also incorporates your car’s real-time state of charge and range estimates to recommend ideal stations along your route. 


In addition to color coding, Chargeway uses photos and data from real drivers to provide crowdsourced availability info and ratings for each location. With both CCS and CHAdeMO fast charging stations mapped, Chargeway aims to unify and simplify the EV charging experience.

Key Features:

  • Color codes for charging speed and plug types
  • Real-time state of charge and range estimates
  • Crowdsourced availability info and ratings
  • Recommended stations based on EV model and route

6. Electro Maps

Electro Maps provides an extensive worldwide map of over 400,000 EV charging locations. Filtering options allow you to search for stations along your route or at a destination. 

You can filter by maximum power output, network provider, plug types, and payment methods. With the help of this charging station app, you can check the availability of charging stations in real-time and avoid unnecessary delays.

Electro Maps

The app provides detailed information for each charging location, including the number of ports, power types/limits, pricing, photos, ratings, amenities, and user comments. 

Turn-by-turn navigation can route you to any selected station. An offline driving range calculator helps you estimate how far you can go.

Key Features:

  • Worldwide map with 400,000+ charging locations
  • Filtering by power, network, plug type, and payment
  • Real-time availability information
  • Detailed data for each station
  • Offline driving range calculator

7. PlugShare

One of the most popular and highly rated EV charging apps, PlugShare provides crowdsourced information on over 440,000 public charging stations globally. Users can check in at stations to provide real-time occupancy and condition details. 

Comments and photos also give valuable first-hand information.


In addition to filters like max power and plug type, you can also search for amenities like restrooms and WiFi. For premium users, PlugShare provides station usage history and notifications when favorite stations become available. 

With excellent data filtering and sharing in the app, PlugShare makes locating and evaluating charging options easy.

Key Features:

  • Crowdsourced real-time availability and station condition details
  • Photos, comments, and station amenity info
  • Filtering options galore
  • Usage history data and favorite station notifications for premium users

8. EV Energy

For EV drivers in Europe, EV Energy provides an essential charging and route planning app. It gives you access to 200,000+ charging points across 30 European countries, with the ability to filter stations by location, network, charging speed, and plug type. 

Real-time availability and status data is included for many stations.

EV Energy

Route planning optimized for electric driving on EV Energy takes your EV model and current battery level into account. 

You can search for charging stations along your planned route or at your destination. Save favorite stations for quick access. In-app navigation with voice guidance is provided as well.

Key Features:

  • 200,000+ charging stations across Europe
  • Availability and status for many stations
  • Route planning optimized for your EV
  • Search stations along the route or at the destination
  • In-app navigation with voice guidance

9. Tesla

For Tesla owners, the Tesla app is your go-to for locating Superchargers and Destination Charging stations. View availability in real-time for Supercharger stalls, get directions, and easily initiate charging right from the app once you’ve parked – no physical payment card is required. 

This charging station app typically features maps and navigation capabilities to guide you directly to the nearest Tesla charging station.


Charging data can be accessed showing current power draw, time remaining, and cost. You can also monitor your car’s battery level, lock/unlock it, and heat or cool the cabin using Tesla’s app. There are also community forums for contacting Tesla support and connecting with other owners.

Bonus read: Tesla has emerged itself as a prominent brand in the market. Read some interesting Tesla statistics to know more!

Key Features:

  • Real-time Supercharger and Destination stall availability
  • In-app charging initiation and payment
  • Charging data monitoring
  • Remote battery check, lock/unlock, and climate controls
  • Community forum access

10. Clever

Clever is an EV charging app offering core essential features with a focus on ease of use. It provides a map of nearby charging stations compatible with your EV, with handy filters to narrow down your search. Real-time availability information is included when available.


The Clever EV charger app allows users to schedule charging times, set charging limits, and track charging progress remotely. Charging recommendations along a planned route can be generated. 

Clever also includes partnership programs offering discounted charging rates at select stations for members. With a simple interface and solid features, Clever is worth a look.

Key Features:

  • Map of nearby, compatible stations
  • Favorite station saving
  • Real-time availability (where available)
  • Route recommendations
  • Discounted charging program

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Conclusion: #1Electrify America Is the Most Used And Best EV Charging App

These EV charging apps offer real-time information on available charging stations, making it convenient for users to plan their routes. 

Having the best app for EV charging stations at your fingertips can streamline your electric vehicle ownership experience and reduce range anxiety. If you are a new EV owner, here are the top 3 EV charging apps to pick from:

  • Electrify America
  • EVgo
  • EV Energy

With the top EV charging apps featured here, EV drivers can feel confident in finding convenient charging options amid the nationwide public charging network expansion.


What should I look for in an EV charging app?

Some key features to look for in an EV charging app are maps showing nearby compatible stations, real-time availability info, filtering options by charging speed/plug type, trip/route planning optimized for your EV, in-app payments, and crowdsourced details like ratings, photos, and comments.

What apps work for finding Tesla Superchargers?

The Tesla smartphone app is designed to locate Superchargers and initiate charging sessions. Apps like PlugShare, ChargePoint, and Electro Maps also include Tesla stations in their databases.

Do EV charging apps work internationally?

Many EV charging apps focus on North America, but some, like PlugShare, Electro Maps, and Chargeway, have international maps. Region-specific apps like EV Energy cater to charging networks in Europe. Verify an app’s coverage before you travel to a specific location.

How do in-app payments for charging work?

Apps allow you to enter payment details once, which are then stored for future charging sessions. You can open the app and start the session when you arrive at a station. Charging typically stops when complete or a max time/money amount is reached, minimizing billing surprises.

Can EV charging apps tell me how long until a station is available?

Some apps provide real-time usage data on individual charging ports, so you can see if a port is currently in use and estimate when it may become available based on the average session time at that location. However, many stations do not currently support live usage sharing.

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