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As of June 2022, Tesla, established in 2003 and its headquarters in California, was listed as the most valuable car brand globally.

With a 68% global market share, Tesla has led the electric vehicle industry and has recently outperformed all other mainstream automakers in terms of innovation.

Currently, Tesla is the most valuable car company in the US and has a market worth of $546.98 Billion. Also, this EV giant intends to continue to grow in 2023.

In this article, I have mentioned all the latest essential facts and figures related to the Tesla company. 

Hence, let’s dive deep into the details to understand where the company stands in the market. 

Top-picked Tesla Statistics

  1. The most important and leading market at the time of writing this article, the brand value of Tesla is 75.93 Billion U.S. Dollars.
  1. The brand value growth of the Tesla company is about 184%.
  1. The total expenses of Tesla’s Research and Development department are valued at up to 2.6 Billion U.S. Dollars.
  1. The total expenses of Tesla’s SG&A department are valued at up to 4.5 Billion U.S. Dollars.
  1. Tesla generated 44 Billion U.S. Dollars in revenue from automotive sales for Tesla is the United States.
  1. The leading segment of Tesla in terms of gross margin is Automotive sales and leasing.
  1. Tesla has generated 2.79 Billion U.S. Dollars in revenue from energy generation and storage.
  1. In the worldwide market Tesla, their global plug-in light electric vehicle sales are about 6.7 Million U.S. Dollars.
  1. Tesla became the leading electric vehicle brand in 2021.
  1. The range of Tesla’s electric car Model 3 AWD is up to 353 Miles.
  1. The projected size of the global electric vehicle market in 2027.

Source: Tesla, Statista

Tesla’s Market Share in the U.S. for the year 2021

  1. Tesla’s market share in the U.S. car market in 2021 reached its highest point in September, rising to around 2.59%.
  1. However, if the electric vehicle (EV) industry in the United States alone is taken into account, Tesla is the market leader in terms of battery-electric vehicle sales.

Tesla Model 3 Electrifies the market

Tesla Statistics
  1. Currently, the most popular electric vehicle in the US in 2020 is Tesla’s Model 3.
  1. With a lower price than Tesla’s higher-end products, the Model 3 is promoted as the method to introduce electric automobiles to the public market.
  1. In 2020, the business will have delivered around 90,000 Model 3s to customers in the United States, or nearly one-third of all-electric vehicles.
  1. However, some analysts caution that Tesla’s cars are no longer eligible for the 7,500 dollar tax credit provided by the American government for electric vehicles. 
  1. Plus, demand for this version is declining.
Months of 2021Market Share

Source: Statista

Tesla’s Revenue between 2008-2021: Worldwide

  1. In the fiscal year 2021, Tesla’s revenue increased by 71% to around 53.8 billion dollars from the previous year. The greatest sales market for Tesla is the US.

Revenue rises on model additions.

  1. The automotive business of Tesla, which comprises car design, production, and sales, accounts for more than 47 billion dollars of the company’s total revenue.
  1. Tesla’s model lineup as of March 2020 consists of the Model S, Model X, and Model 3, as well as the recently unveiled Tesla Y.
  1. The brand’s expected light truck model, the Cybertruck, won’t start production until January 2022.

Model 3 Legacy

  1. In 2021, the Model 3 will rank first globally in sales of plug-in vehicles, becoming Tesla’s best-selling car. 
  1. The Model sold a million units worldwide for the first time in June 2021.
  1. The construction of Tesla’s new Model 3, a highly coveted vehicle with great demand, has taken up a significant portion of the company’s budget.
  1. Tesla’s 2018 purchase of property for the development of a Gigafactory in Shanghai, China, was one response to this rise in demand for the Model 3.
  1. Tesla will keep having access to the Chinese EV market thanks to manufacturing there; this consistency is welcome given the current trade war between the United States and China.

Tesla’s revenue from FY 2008 to FY 2021

Fiscal YearRevenue in U.S. Dollars
202153,823 Million
202031,536 Million 
201924,578 Million 
201821,461 Million
201711,759 Million
20167,000 Million
20154,046 Million
20143,198 Million
20132,014 Million
2012413 Million
2011204 Million
2010117 Million
2009112 Million

Source: Statista

Tesla’s Market Capitalisation as of 2022

  1. Tesla’s market capitalization increased by 74%, from 641 billion dollars in March 2021 to 1.1 trillion dollars at the end of March 2022.
  1. Tesla dominated Toyota, which was ranked second in terms of market capitalization in the automobile sector.

Tesla’s market capitalization between March 31, 2020, and 2022 (in billion U.S. dollars)                         


CharacteristicsMarket Capitalization In U.S. Dollars
March 31, 2022,1114 Billion
March 31, 2021,641 Billion
March 31, 2020,96 Billion

Source: Statista

Tesla’s Operating Margin quarterly between 2019-2022

  1. Tesla’s operating margin increased to 17.2% in the third quarter of 2022 from 14.6% in the second quarter.
  1. In the second quarter of 2021, Tesla’s profits exceeded expectations, and its net income for the first time surpassed one billion dollars.

Tesla’s operating margin between the first quarter of 2019 and the third quarter of 2022

CharacteristicsOperating Margin
Q3 202217.2%
Q2 202214.6%
Q1 202219.2%
Q4 202114.7%
Q3 202114.6%
Q2 202111%
Q1 20215.7%
Q4 20205.4%
Q3 20209.2%
Q2 20205.4%
Q1 20204.7%
Q4 20194.9%
Q3 20194.1%
Q2 2019-2.6%
Q1 2019-11.5%

Source: Statista

Tesla’s R&D Expenses between 2010-2021

  1. In 2020, Tesla had already spent about 1.5 billion dollars on research and development.
  1. Tesla is now the top producer of electric vehicles in the US because of the volume of investment in the past few years.
  1. In 2020, the firm sold just under 500,000 vehicles globally.

Tesla’s R&D Strategy 

  1. Tesla sets itself apart from its domestic rivals by prioritizing vehicles. 
  1. It is currently among the leading businesses selling EVs internationally and has even entered the luxury automobile market.
  1. To some extent, Tesla intensified R&D efforts to improve the quality and range of the batteries used in its electric vehicles.

Tesla’s Future Goals

  1. In 2021, Tesla emerged as the global brand with the quickest growth.
  1. By the end of 2020, common stockholders experienced their first positive investment returns.
  1. Through 2022, the business kept adding new models.

Tesla’s research and development expenses from FY 2010 to FY 2021

CharacteristicsCost In U.S. Dollars
20212593 Million
20201491 Million
20191343 Million
20181460.37 Million
20171378.07 Million
2016834.41 Million
2015717.9 Million
2014464.7 Million
2013231.98 Million
2012273.98 Million
2011208.98 Million
201093 Million

Source: Statista

Tesla’s production statistics by quarter YTD Q4 2022

Tesla model y
  1. The most recent quarter’s vehicle production by Tesla Inc. was 439,700 units.
  1. Tesla’s production level rose by over 43.8% year over year and by nearly 20.2% quarter over quarter in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Growth throughout critical conditions

  1. The coronavirus pandemic in China was expected to have an impact on the Shanghai manufacturing of Tesla.
  1. However, in the first two quarters of 2020, Tesla produced close to 185,000 automobiles. 
  1. Work at the American factory in Fremont, California, got suspended as the virus started to spread to the American continent.
  1. Although the plant’s reopening in May drew criticism, it helped generate the more than 82,000 units that were made in the second quarter of 2020.
  1. In each of the following quarters, Tesla’s production increased. The fourth quarter of 2022 saw a new high for the company’s output.

Leading the EV market

  1. Tesla manufactured over 1.37 million vehicles in 2022, a 47.2% increase over the record-breaking 2021 for the firm. It was mostly fueled by the Model 3’s production and sales figures.
  1. In 2020 and 2021, the Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling plug-in electric car worldwide.
  1. It had fierce competition in 2022 from other Tesla models, including the Model Y and the updated Model S Plaid.

The number of Tesla cars produced worldwide between the first quarter of 2016 and the fourth quarter of 2022

CharacteristicsVehicle Production In Units
Q4 2022439,701
Q3 2022365,923
Q2 2022258,580
Q1 2022305,407
Q4 2021305,840
Q3 2021237,823
Q2 2021206,421
Q1 2021180,338
Q4 2020179,757
Q3 2020145, 036
Q2 202082,272
Q1 2020102, 672
Q4 2019104,981
Q3 201996,155
Q2 201987,048
Q1 201977,100
Q4 201886,555
Q3 201880,142
Q2 201853,339
Q1 201834,494
Q4 201724,565
Q3 201725,336
Q2 201725,708
Q1 201725,418
Q4 201624,882
Q3 201625,185
Q2 201618,345
Q1 201615,510

Source: Statista

Tesla’s main Model and quarter 2022 vehicle deliveries

  1. About 405,300 Tesla vehicles were delivered to consumers in the third quarter of 2022.
  1. Delivery of the Model 3 and Model Y climbed to over 388,100 units, but that of the Model S and Model X declined by roughly 8.17% compared to the third quarter of 2022.

Tesla’s new models are getting attention. 

Tesla model x
  1. Global production of Tesla automobiles increased to about 1.37 million in 2022 from almost 930,400 in 2021.
  1. Production of the Model 3 and Model Y cars, which were the main growth drivers in the fourth quarter, totaled 419,088 units.
  1. In contrast, there are 20,613 Model S and X cars. One of the most popular mid-size luxury vehicles on American roads is the Model 3.

Tesla vehicles delivered between the first quarter of 2020 and the fourth quarter of 2022 (By main Model)

CharacteristicsModel S / XModel 3 / Y
Q4 202217,147388,131
Q3 202218,672325,158
Q2 202216,162238,533
Q1 202214,724295,324
Q4 202111,750296,850
Q3 20219275232,025
Q2 20211890199,360
Q1 20212020182,780
Q4 202018966161,701
Q3 202015275124,318
Q2 20201061480,277
Q1 202012,23076,266

Source: Statista

The Volume of Tesla Supercharger Stations Plus the Connectors Worldwide Between 2020&2022

Tesla Supercharger stations
  1. Tesla recorded about 38,900 Supercharger connectors and 4,300 Supercharger stations in the third quarter of 2022.
  1. Superchargers have spread throughout the world since they were first introduced in 2012 along the interstate circuits from Boston to Washington and Los Angeles to San Francisco.

The global quarterly volume of Tesla supercharger stations plus the connectors is seen between the fourth quarter of 2020 and the third quarter of 2022

CharacteristicsSupercharger ConnectorsSupercharger Stations
Q3 202238,8834283
Q2 202236,1653971
Q1 202233,6573724
Q4 202131,4983476
Q3 202129,2813254
Q2 202126,9002966
Q1 202124,5152699
Q4 202023,2772564

List of the nations with the most supercharging stations:

CountryNumber Of Superchargers
United States1488
United Kingdom98
South Korea86

Source: Statista

Tesla’s Employee Headcount Record 

  1. According to Tesla’s latest report, the full-time count of their mainstream and subsidiaries’ employees globally was about 127,855, with a 29000 increase every year.
  1. However, it was announced back in 2021 by the Owner of Tesla, Elon Musk, that they would cut down 10% of their employees soon; in future.
  1. Also, Elon Musk disclosed this fact by emailing Tesla employees on June 3 and said that he plans to rely more on hourly workers.
YearHead Count

Source: Statista

Domestic and Global Revenue for Tesla 2018-2021

  1. Revenue earned by Tesla grew by around 54 billion U.S. dollars in the year 2021, with the U.S. commanding demand. 
  1. The U.S. generated about 24 billion U.S. dollars in revenue for Tesla, just under 45 percent of the overall total. 
  1. This compares to revenue of almost 14 billion U.S. dollars from sales in China, the second-largest revenue generator.   

Industry Rankings Of Tesla

  1. In the past few years, General Motors and Toyota held the highest percentage of market share between vehicle makers in the U.S.A.
  1. Even though holding only a minor part of the market, Tesla is growing in the EV segment. 
  1. Tesla’s Model 3 had the largest number of sales of all-electric vehicle units in 2021.   

Tesla’s revenue in markets like the U.S.A. China and other countries between Fiscal Years 2018 to 2021

CharacteristicsU.S.AChinaOther Countries

Source: Statista

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Wrapping It up! Tesla Statistics (2023)

I would like to conclude this topic with one more fun fact about a Tesla vehicle, Tesla Model S.  

The Tesla Model S can literally remember your location destination history, and it adjusts the suspension based on the data in that history. 

Now, you don’t see an electric car with a memory feature every day, right?

You can simply go through the facts and figures given above, and you will understand the Tesla brand in depth.

Also, if you found this information helpful, make sure to leave a comment and let us know about it. 


Who are the biggest competitors of Tesla in the market?

Tesla has high-end market shareholders like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Polestar, and Lucid as competitors.

Who is the biggest investor of Tesla Inc.?

The biggest stakeholder of Tesla Inc. is The Vanguard Group, Inc., with 6.40% Stakes of 24,905,462,779 U.S. Dollars worth.

Who is the world’s leading electric vehicle automaker?

Elon Musk’s Tesla Inc. is the world’s leading Electric Vehicle Automaker.

Which electric vehicle by Tesla Inc. is the highest seller in the market?

The Tesla Model Y is the highest seller of an electric vehicle by Tesla Inc. in the market. 
However, the Toyota Corolla is currently the leading highest-selling vehicle, including all automaking brands.

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