Onewheel vs Electric Scooter (2024) Which One Is The Best?

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With the sudden surge in EV technology in the last few years, there are many commuting options to choose from, such as Onewheel or Electric scooters. But, the crucial question that remains constant is the practicality and reliability of these machines. 

Plus, when choosing a commuter between options like an Onewheel and an electric scooter, you need to be aware of factors like safety, affordability, value, design, ease of use, portability, and whatnot. 

Therefore, as someone with experience using both, I have analyzed their mechanism closely and compared them based on the factors mentioned above, along with the guides on how to use them. 

To give you a quick verdict, electric scooters are a more reliable and practical option compared to One Wheels due to their convenient design and affordability. 

However, there are a few more major differences that set these two EVs apart from each other. 

Therefore, let’s get into the details to find out more and make a wise decision!

Onewheel Vs Electric Scooters – Quick Comparison (2024)

Here is a direct comparison between Onewheel And Electric Scooters based on parameters like ease of use, Adaptability, Speed, safety concerns, and Maintenance.

There you go…

ParametersOnewheelElectric Scooters
Ease Of UseDifficult But Manageable to control skillsSafer than Onewheel; however, the rider should at least wear a helmet and kneed elbow pads.
AdaptabilityRequires complete focus.Easy to ride.
Speed12-19 Mph On Average16-30 Mph On Average
Safety ConcernsRisky, Rider should be completely protected.Safer, but a helmet and pads are recommended.

What is Onewheel, and how does it function?

Onewheel is a self-balancing, single-wheel electric vehicle that can be used to commute to work, ride around the neighborhood, or run errands. While many people confuse a onewheel with a unicycle, they are not the same. 

Onewheels are more like skateboards with a single wheel. On the other hand, unicycles have pedal pads on each side of the wheel to stand on.

Now that you know what an Onewheel is, let’s know how it functions below:

The Onewheel single wheel works on a brushless electric motor that spins, and the rider propels front and backward while adjusting the movements to balance. 

The three accelerometers and gyroscopes that are fixed on every Onewheel keep measuring the board’s orientation.

The monitors in Onewheel take readings of your movements 14000 times every minute and indicate to the motor what to do next and how to balance the rider. 

Every Onewheel model uses the Pushback technology to inform the rider that they have reached the maximum safe speed by gently forcing the nose of the Onewheel right before they hit the unsafe speed limit. 

Most Onewheel incorporates an app that helps riders display the battery charge status and distance in miles and regulates different modes. 

What is an electric scooter, and how does it function?

Electric scooters, also known as motorized scooters, are fueled by an internal combustion engine electric hub motor, which is usually fixed on the front or rear wheel. This tiny vehicle is considered under the type of micro-mobility. 

Recently, these electric kick scooters have become quite popular in the ride-share industry, allowing users to get e-scooter rides on rent.

So, how does an electric scooter function exactly? Here’s how:

In other words, an E-scooter’s components are a battery, motor, throttle, and controller. The battery and motor are two of the most crucial parts of an electric scooter, among others.

The controller responds to a rider twisting the handlebar throttle by telling the battery to supply electricity to the wheel hub-mounted motor. The electric scooter’s wheels advance forward when the motor rotates the gear with the energy it receives.

Certain e-scooters require you to push them off the ground with your foot and twist the throttle to start the motor, just like traditional kick scooters do. 

How Do You Ride Onewheel?

Learning how to ride a onewheel is time-consuming and pretty complicated. You can expect factors like Resilience, capacity, and practice while riding an Onewheel.

Moreover, along with being complicated to ride, it is risky to use an Onewheel as well. Hence, you must wear safety gear like a helmet and knee-elbow pads while riding an Onewheel.

Furthermore, you should follow the below factors to ride an Onewheel securely:

1. Ride your Onewheel in an open area:

You should practice riding your Onewheel in an open area first before taking it out in a crowded area. It will help you avoid any kind of accident or danger.

Ride your Onewheel in an open area

2. Begin with Learning the Vehicle:

It is very important to take as much time as you want to learn how to ride a onewheel as it is a bit more complicated than riding any other vehicle.

Plus, getting to know all the specifications and functioning of your Onewheel is recommended to avoid any malfunction later.

3. Stand on your Onewheel Properly

You must be as careful as possible when standing on a onewheel, just like you do on a skateboard.

Make sure you stand comfortably on a onewheel before you start riding it. Otherwise, if you are uncomfortable standing, get off the Onewheel and try to get on it again to stand comfortably.

4. Continue to Keep a Good Stance

When you start riding the Onewheel, try to maintain a good stance if you are standing comfortably on the Onewheel. 

It will be much easier to ride a onewheel if you continue in a stance that helps you ride at a stable pace.

5. Increasing Speed

The Onewheel makes the speed increase noticeably. Furthermore, as the rider bends forward and applies pressure on the footpad, the one wheel moves forward.

6. Taking a turn

Onewheel riders must bend their knees a little and stretch their knees slightly to make a left or right turn.

7. Moving Forward and Backward

If the rider leans backward, Onewheel will stop; while the rider leans forward, Onewheel’s speed will increase; if the rider leans backward, Onewheel’s speed will decrease.

8. Getting Off the Onewheel

Some riders may find the Onewheel a little intimidating. However, it is quite simple to get yourself off. You must stand on two feet to get out.

What Is Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are powered by electricity rather than by pedaling and are very simple and easy to use. Electric Scooters are lightweight and minimal in design. The main advantage is that it is easily foldable. The scooter is usually powered by a motor located in the front wheel. Then you twist the throttle to start the engine, and off you go!

How can you ride an Electric scooter?

Compared to the Onewheel, long-distance electric scooters are much easier to ride on and provide excellent assistance for users. 

The electric scooter is extremely simple, so users shouldn’t waste much energy on it.

On an adult electric scooter, you should use one of your legs to push yourself ahead for a while. 

To bring yourself to the front position, grab the handles, place one of your legs on top of the deck, and then use the other leg to pull yourself forward.

Put your other foot on the scooter’s platform once you feel positive, and then hit the gas pedal button.

You can use your posture, balance, and the handlebar to drive an electric scooter correctly. 

To quickly spin your electric scooter, use postural stability. This is considerably safer.

Feature comparison: Onewheel vs Electric scooters

Here is an overview of the feature comparison between Onewheel and electric scooters based on parameters like design, learning curve, performance, terrain, mobility, storage, pricing, and stability. 

Therefore, let’s take a glimpse into it before diving into the detailed feature comparison. 

ParametersOnewheelElectric Scooters
DesignNot made with safety measuresThe wheels and a handlebar make it safer to use
Learning CurveIt is not easy, takes practiceEasy to use and learn
Effective PerformanceGood for shorter distancesGood for longer distances
Managing TerrainNot recommended on tough terrainHigh-end e-scooters can tackle the 
Mobility/portabilityNot convenient to carry or holdEasy to carry, hold, and transport
StorageRequires more spaceIt can be folded and stored in a small space.
Balance Lack of stability due to single-wheelTwo wheels make it stable to balance weight
PricingApprox. $800 to $2200Starts from $300-$500  to $4000

1. Design

To be used by a range of users, Onewheel and electric scooters have rather different designs and structures. 

With Onewheel’s innovative single-wheel design, users stand on a board that is positioned in front of a huge center tire. 

Because of its design, riders can have a similar sensation to snowboarding or surfing on land by adjusting their body weight to steer. 

On the other hand, handlebars and a two-wheeled design are common on electric scooters, giving riders a sensation of control and stability. 

Due to its simple design, the scooter suits users of all ages and provides a more conventional and comfortable riding experience. 

While electric scooters appeal to consumers who value stability and convenience of use, Onewheel is more popular with thrill-seekers and adventure-seekers.

2. The Learning Curve

Whether it is an Onewheel or a Unicycle, riding a single-wheel vehicle is harder to learn than a normal electric scooter. 

This is because of the design and structure of the vehicles. For example, a single wheel boasts a design that makes it difficult for riders to balance themselves on the board. 

Therefore, when you compare an Onewheel with an electric scooter, you will find the electric scooter far easier to ride than an Onewheel. 

3. Performance Effectiveness

When you compare the performance delivered by an Onewheel and an electric scooter, you will find many differences due to their distinct nature of riding. 

The first thing that stands out the most is their maximum speed output. The maximum speed Onewheel offers is around 20 to 25 Mph, which you might not consider as fast as high-end e-scooters.

However, as an EV fanatic, I cannot deny that Onewheel offers a unique sense of satisfaction and riding experience. It feels more like surfing on the streets than simply commuting. 

In contrast, electric scooters are available in a wide variety of speeds where a few high-end ones can reach up to 50 to 60 Mph. 

Due to the variety in speeds, electric scooters are a faster option than Onewheels and allow you to cover more distances. Also, gives you the opportunity to customize settings as per your riding needs and set the pace that suits you. 

Therefore, when looking into the range factor, electric scooters are e a much better option, as you can cover at least 40 miles after charging them once. 

Whereas, One wheels offer distance coverage of up to 10 to 30 miles, which significantly depends on the type of model you’re using. 

4. Managing Terrain

The Onewheel excels in terrain handling and is able to maneuver over a range of surfaces, such as sand, gravel, pavement, and even snow. 

It’s perfect for anyone who likes exploring new terrain because of its enormous go-kart-sized tire, which makes for smooth off-roading adventures. 

However, paved roads are the primary use for electric scooters. At the same time, some expensive electric scooters can do light off-roading. 

The capacity of electric scooters to navigate tough terrain is limited by their smaller wheels and reduced ground clearance.

5. Mobility (Portability)

Despite being compact in size, Onewheels are usually heavy. You can take the Onewheel GT model as an example of a heavy Onewheel weighing 36 Lbs. 

Additionally, not only its weight but also the unusual design and structure of a Onewheel makes it a bit difficult to carry around, let alone for long distances. 

In contrast, electric scooters are much lighter in weight, and their petite shape makes them easier to hold and carry around. The portability electric scooters offer is unmatched. 

However, the weights of electric scooters differ depending on the model and manufacturer of the scooter. Still, most of these models are made while considering factors like portability and ease of use in mind. 

Plus, the other features of e-scooters are made in a way that can assist riders in transporting vehicles easily. 

6. Storage

When you compare both vehicles based on their storage-friendly nature, electric scooters once again prove to be more of a help than Onewheels. 

Electric Scooter
Source: Amazon

This is due to the foldable design that electric scooters are made in, giving them the advantage of being able to fit easily under a bed, trunk, table, or any other small space. 

On the other hand, Onewheels are broader in size and unfoldable despite being of small height. Hence, they require more space to store them. 

6. Balance (Stability)

Onewheels are made with a single big wheel that requires riders to balance themselves. It might be a piece of cake for riders who are experts or familiar with riding an Onewheel, but it’s rather difficult and dangerous for beginners. 

Plus, this unique machine has a low center of gravity and responsive controls. You have to be very alert and focused on riding to avoid falling from it. 

On the other hand, e-scooters are a more stable and safer ride as they have two to three wheels along with handlebars on which to hold onto.

7. Pricing

There are many factors to consider when it comes to comparing the pricing of an electric scooter and an Onewheel. 

The first and most important thing is that Onewheels are only produced by Future Motion ranging from $800 to $2200. Plus, the top-performing model Onewheel GT, is their premium and most popular among all the models they have produced. 

At the same time, electric scooters have bigger batteries, higher maximum speeds, and more distance coverage, which makes them a good value for money. Plus, e-scooters are available at as cheap as  $300-$500 USD.

8. Durability

Scooters can require occasional brake repairs or adjustments when used regularly for transportation. 

Both gadgets typically have sturdy construction, but electric scooters frequently have a greater selection of spare parts and a larger network of maintenance amenities.

9. Quality of Ride

Onewheel’s single-wheel design makes for a unique riding experience that’s sometimes referred to as “surfing on land.” 

By changing your weight, you may adjust your speed and direction, giving you a feeling of freedom and fluidity. 

But it might be difficult for beginners because it takes balance and coordination to learn an Onewheel. 

However, electric scooters provide a simpler and more convenient experience. 

Electric scooters are a popular option for daily travel since they are simpler to operate and have a firm platform for standing. You can steer using the handlebars. 

The scooter is a dependable and practical choice because of its simple design, which is easy to use even for people who are unfamiliar with personal electric cars.

Safety Measures with onewheel and Electric scooters

Riding an Onewheel will be riskier than riding a regular e-scooter because of the steeper learning curve that is inherent in the design. On an Onewheel, you run the risk of taking a dangerous fall on a steep hill road.

Therefore, whether you’re riding an electric scooter or an Onewheel, be sure you’re wearing safety gear. Put on your elbow, knee, and other pads, as well as your helmet. 

If the scooter is intended for a youngster, make sure to investigate the top models for kids to guarantee that the young rider will fit comfortably and that the scooter’s top speed will be manageable. 

Furthermore, you should be aware of the controls’ sizes since they have an impact on how simple it is for you to operate the electric

My Experience with Onewheel

I have mixed feelings about the Onewheel, which is unlike electric scooters. My experience with the Onewheel has proven to be a dynamic journey due to the various challenges and joyful moments I had with the machine. 

Despite having a big pad to stand on, the alternative of wearing thick-soled running shoes with flat skate shoes helped me have control over standing. It definitely emphasized the board’s responsiveness to what kind of shoes you wear. 

Also, at first, I thought the wheel was not supporting me while getting off of it. However, as I started using it more, I understood that the ability to dismount from the wheel can be honed through calculated practice. 

You must focus on factors such as knowing the motor disengagement ‘click’ and using smooth techniques like quick or stomping stops. 

That’s why it’s a popular opinion as to why Onewheels are difficult to learn and use for beginners. 

Furthermore, overcoming uneven terrain involved managing body weight on the Onewheel and controlling the jumps when needed. 

And most importantly, no one likes carrying the Onewheel for long distances without the convenience of having a handle to hold easily. 

There are a few things to consider when using Onewheels, such as being in touch with innovative and future-oriented technology and controlling the machine through the app. 

Plus, as long as you’re roaming on the wheel for shorter distances, you can safely use the Onewheel without running out of battery. 

My experience with an Electric scooter

As someone who frequently enjoys short-distance rides on electric scooters, I must say the whole experience has been absolutely fantastic. 

No more waiting at fuel pumps, which is a game-changer. Zero air pollution, making each ride environmentally friendly. The rides are full of joy, thanks to numerous features that add to the overall ease of use.

Moreover, keeping the scooter clean and maintaining it is a piece of cake too.  Also, what impressed me was its mileage on a single charge, offering the freedom to commute without worrying about running out of power.

Even though I’m not a speed fanatic, my experience with e-scooters has been consistently good. Plus, the convenience of tubeless tires provides extra comfort to the rides.

My overall perception of e-scooters is that they are perfect for quick trips around the city or even as part of a more extended commute. 

However, it’s crucial to use electric scooters responsibly, sticking to specific areas and under the supervision of a knowledgeable adult. 

Also, regular recharging of the battery is a must, so ensure you have the necessary charging equipment in place before starting your rides. 

Key Points

  • A common electric scooter has two or more wheels. However, the Onewheel has just one. This is the key difference between the two.
  • The Onewheel line of vehicles has a single-wheel configuration, which makes them more challenging to learn than a typical e-scooter.
  • The Onewheel is slightly less safe to ride due to the same single-wheel design decision.
  • The price difference between an Onewheel and an electric scooter is considerable. Onewheel is expensive compared to electric scooters.

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Conclusion: Electric scooter Is a Winner with stability, safety, and practicality for personal transport

Since we are at the end of this comparison, choose which one is better. onewheel or electric scooters?  

Choosing an electric scooter and an Onewheel depends on individual preferences and priorities. However, my experience keeps me biased towards electric scooters.

The enhanced safety, ease of ride, better balance, portability, design, and every other factor make electric scooters a reasonable option.  

Whereas Onewheel offers unique advantages in riding with new and cool technology and enjoying the feeling of surfing on the ground.

Also, remember that electric scooters are suitable for practical commuting with their affordability and speed. Plus, to cover long distances or to transport easily, you can always rely on an electric scooter compared to an Onewheel.

Therefore, it’s clear that I suggest going for the electric scooter considering all the aspects together.


Does within budget Onewheel give good results?

There are Onewheel scooters that deliver good results. All it takes is finding an Onewheel that has good specifications.

Is it good for kids to use an Onewheel?

Even though your kid finds an Onewheel fun to play with, their safety and learning curve are concerns that occur with kids.

What is an alternative to an Onewheel other than an electric scooter?

An electric skateboard is another better alternative to an Onewheel other than an electric scooter.

Which one is safer, an Onewheel or an electric scooter?

According to researchers, an electric scooter is much easier and safer to ride than an Onewheel.

Are onewheels dangerous?

Onewheels aren’t more dangerous than electric scooters or skateboards. The CPSC has reported some accidents, but remember, risks exist in all board sports.

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