How To Remove Speed Limiter On Electric Scooter?

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Despite being a risky task, many people want their electric scooters to have boosted speed by removing the speed limiter. But how to remove the speed limiter on electric scooter?

The process of removing the speed limiter is easy, but remember, it’s really important to take precautions and follow the rules and regulations regarding the e-scooter speed limit in your region. 

In this guide on electric scooter speed limiter removal, I have shared different ways to make your scooter faster after researching for hours. 

Additionally, I have shared some facts I discovered during my research, like changing the scooter’s settings or checking the laws in your area. 

With that, let’s get into the details!

A Step-by-step guide: How to remove speed limiters on electric scooters!

Here’s a comprehensive guide on removing a speed limiter on an electric scooter, which help you complete the process in minutes!

Step #1: Check Your Scooter Model

Make sure you have a scooter model with a cable speed limiter. Most scooters in the US and EU have this feature.

Step #2: Locate and Remove the Controller

First, remove the Deck Plate. Locate the front deck of your scooter. Remove the plastic plate covering it using a screwdriver. Three screws are holding it in place.

Step #3: Expose the Controller

Once the plate is removed, you’ll see the controller. Gently slide it out. Be careful not to drop any screws.

Step #4: Identify the Limiter Cable

Inside the controller, identify the blue cable (limiter cable). This cable forms a loop and is crucial for the speed-limiting function.

Step #5: Cut the Limiter Cable

Cut the Blue Cable using a cutting tool to sever. This cable connects the controller to the speed limiter mechanism.

Step #6: Test the Scooter

Turn on the scooter and observe the display. Without the limiter, you should notice a significant increase in the displayed speed.

Step #7: Reassemble Your Scooter

Once you’ve tested the speed, carefully put the controller back into place. Secure it by tightening the screws on the deck plate.

Step #8: Enjoy Your Faster Scooter

Congratulations! Your electric scooter should now operate at higher speeds. Now, you can enjoy a faster and more exhilarating ride.

How does a scooter speed limiter work?

The electric scooter speed limiter is made to control the maximum speed of e-scooters. These speed limiters control the scooter’s speed by simply regulating the energy supply that goes to the motor. 

Simply put, it controls the connection between the controller and the motor. 

This important feature is implemented in all types of electric scooters, but the process to remove it depends entirely on how your e-scooter is built.

This safety measure is in place to stop crashes that result from riding at excessive speeds, especially when inexperienced riders are involved. 

The speed limitation functions as your training wheels if you’re new to scooters or you’re still gaining confidence. It guarantees a seamless and safe transition while you pick up the skills. 

A Method Guide To Remove The Speed Limiter On An Electric Scooter

A speed limiter can be removed with multiple methods because it differs from the type of scooter you are using.  For example, the process of removing the speed limiter on a Razor electric scooter would be different from removing it from a Xiaomi scooter.

Method 1: Overriding The Speed Limiter From Display Settings

The simplest approach to overcome your scooter’s speed limits is to access the “hidden” settings option on the Display. 

 Speed Limiter From Display Settings

Although this approach is the easiest, not all scooters respond to it. Many models won’t make it simple for you to get around this security barrier, but for the ones that do, it only requires a few simple steps.:

1: Switch on the Display.

2: Visit the “hidden” settings feature.

3: Find the “speed limit” feature.

4: Increase the speed limit to the maximum speed. 

Method 2: Remove The Speed limiter wire

Remove The Speed limiter wire

A speed-limiting cable allows the speed limiter on an electric scooter to function.

The speed limiting wire is situated in one of the wires you will see when you open the speed controller on your electric scooter.

Moreover, remember the location and appearance might differ from scooter to scooter. Hence, it is necessary not to get confused about the plugging of the wire.

After removing the speed limiting wire, you will realize that the speed of your electric scooter has increased. Unplugging the speed limit wire helps increase the electricity flow and torque. 

Nonetheless, the plus point is that you can plug those back into their place whenever you feel like putting up the limiter.

Also, riders should consider that increasing the speed by removing the speed limiter will drain the scooter’s battery faster. 

Method 3: The Switching-On Method

The Switching-On Method

There are some electric scooters that have features to unlock their speed limits with just a switch.

Hence to apply the switching-on method, follow the instructions given below:

1. As you press the left brake, turn on the electric scooter.

2. While maintaining control of the left brake, gradually raise and lower the right speed adjustment lever.

3. Instantaneously pull the right speed adjustment lever for at least 10 seconds.

4. After 10 seconds, simultaneously release the left brake and the right speed control lever.

5. Turn off the scooter.

6. After the scooter is running, you will have successfully unlocked the speed limit. You’ll see that the top speed increased from 16 km/h to 45 km/h.

Method 4: Switching into Sport Mode

The speed modes of electric scooters differ from scooter to scooter. Some electric scooter configurations are restricted to a certain speed limit. 

Switching into Sport Mode

However, there are ways to undo the speed limit with the help of an in-built speed mode.

Hence, to switch the speed mode to the sport mode option, follow the steps given below:

1. The e-display scooters should be turned on.

2. Firmly push and maintain pressure on the electronic brake.

3. Press the POWER button many times till the Display shows P1.

4. To change the P-settings to P3, press the LIGHT button.

5. Push the SET key (labeled as S).

6. Release the lever on the electronic brakes.

7. To experience the maximum speeds, turn on the electric scooter. 

Method 5: Swapping Components

There is an additional method for releasing your electric scooter’s speed cap.

Swapping Components

By replacing the weaker parts with more powerful ones, you can unlock the speed limit on your electric scooter if you want to keep going and will likely be traveling on closed surfaces.

The first step in increasing power flow is to purchase a larger Amp controller.

For instance, you can use a 48V controller as a method to gain additional power if the original controllers are 36V.

Also, confirming that the controller’s AMP levels are compatible with the battery and motor specifications is critical.

Why Do Manufacturers Limit The Speed Power Of Your Electric Scooter?

In many states, electric scooters are yet to be used legally, and the laws around them have not yet evolved.

Hence, there are speed limits for riding an electric scooter on the roads. As a result, manufacturers have taken it into their hands to put speed limiters on the scooters.

Moreover, it is best if the speed of an electric scooter is restricted by default for the rider’s safety.

That being said, main electric scooters look harmless and pretty handy, but any type of malfunction can occur when you least expect it.

You can either lose control of the scooter’s speed or can slip on a sloped road if your speed is not within limits.

Is it safe to remove a speed limiter on an electric scooter?

In certain locations, tampering with the speed limit specified by the manufacturer may result in legal consequences. 

A large fine could be imposed upon you, or worse, your scooter might be seized. Before making any modifications to your bike, it’s always a good idea for a responsible rider to check local laws and regulations in your area.

What is the federal law on electric scooters?

States’ legality of electric scooters. As long as the rider’s speed does not surpass 20 mph and the motor’s power does not surpass 750 watts. 

Plus, according to federal legislation, any two- or three-wheeled vehicle powered by motors or a combination of an engine and pedals is totally lawful.

Bonus: To learn about Electric scooter laws in your state, you can get all the details in my article on Electric Scooter laws by state. 

What is the speed limit on electric scooter in the US?

In most US states, e-scooter riders are required to follow the same rules as bicycle riders. For example, while riding your electric scooter on the streets, you’ll have to follow a speed limit of 30 mph or less than that to ride legally. 

Additionally, depending on your state’s laws, you might also be able to ride on sidewalks if your state allows it, but within a speed limit of 6 Mph.

Key ways to make the electric scooter faster

Here are some factors that will help to make electric scooters faster:

1. Check your battery status 

If you have an electric scooter, you will definitely experience performance changes as the battery drains. When the battery is between 35 and 40 percent charged, electric scooters have been seen to accelerate slowly. On the other side, when your scooter’s battery is between 20% and 40% charged, it is challenging to reach the top or maximum speed. 

Check your battery status 

Therefore, you must ensure that the battery is fully charged and that the scooter is maintained in order to enjoy the maximum speed. Your electric scooter won’t operate at maximum speed otherwise.

2. Remove your speed Limiter 

One of the easiest and most efficient methods is to remove speed restrictions by removing the speed limiter. You can do this without getting your hands dirty by using the display on your electric scooter.

Remove your speed Limiter 

3. Change or Renovation of Sprockets

Sprocket repair depends on how old your car is; if it’s just purchased, it’s not a smart idea to take that route. The sprockets shouldn’t cause any friction at all to increase the speed of the electric scooter. Spraying some oil after intervals is, therefore strongly recommended to lessen friction.

4. Use Airless Tires

Airless tyres are thought to mould to the road better and cause less ground friction. So, having less friction results in higher speeds, which is what you want. Additionally, it has been noted that these tyres support autonomy, giving riders the opportunity to travel longer distances.

Airless tire

5. By Using App 

A great method to go around is an electric scooter, but sometimes you need more speed. One of the simplest ways to make your electric scooter faster is to download a certain program.

Using App 

You can speed up your electric scooter with the help of a few different apps. The “Electric Scooter Speed Boost App” is among the most well-liked and is available on both Android and iOS smartphones.

The app must be opened and the instructions must be followed after downloading and installing it. You’ll need to restart your electric scooter after installing the app. 

Problems That Can Arise After Removing Speed Limiter From Electric Scooter

As mentioned above, removing the speed limiter can give rise to a few problems and consequences. I have shared a few of them below to be on the safer side:

1. Irreparable Damage To the Scooter:

 If you try and remove the speed limiter from your electric scooter, it may end up causing irreparable damage to your scooter without you knowing. It can affect the scooter’s battery, controller, frame, or motor, as the parts are primarily involved in the procedure.

2. Pressurize the scooter’s initial build

Riding the electric scooter at the highest speed initially set by the manufacturer puts pressure on the scooter’s parts and the factors. To be precise, many manufacturers are already aware of the scooter’s potential to reach an even higher speed, but it is restricted to protect its lifespan.

3. Warranty Voiding

 The harshest problem you may face is voiding the e-scooter warranty, as most of the warranty policies become void after making intentional changes to it. Moreover, you might have to pay extra money to retain the warranty again.


To sum it up, these are the ways to take off the speed limit on your electric scooter. Remember, each method we discussed is meant for specific types of electric scooters, and they might work differently depending on your scooter.

But here’s an important thing to remember: it’s really important for your safety that you don’t remove the speed limiter from your electric scooter. It’s there to help you stay safe while you ride.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if you want your electric scooter to go faster. Just make sure you’re making a choice that keeps you safe and happy.


What is the average top speed of an adult electric scooter?

While some models have speed limit controls that allow speeds of up to 30 mph, the majority of adult-sized electric scooter models have top speeds of no more than 20 mph.

Is it prohibited to remove the electric scooter’s speed limiter?

E-scooters and other similar vehicles may be subject to modifications under the rules of some towns and states, or they may be subject to speed limit restrictions, which modifications may still violate.

How can I set my electric scooter to its top speed?

Your scooter’s top speed can be increased effectively by switching the battery and controller to one that can handle the higher voltage rating.

My electric scooter isn’t moving at maximum speed; why?

An old or malfunctioning battery is the most frequent reason for an e-scooter that won’t start or accelerate at full throttle. Also, the speed controller is located within your electric scooter, between the battery and the motor.

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