Hoverboard Weight Limits For Kids & Adults (Detailed Guide)

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In this article, I will share all my research on the weight limits of the Hoverboard, along with other important factors. 

In addition, I studied Hoverboards from multiple brands distributed into different categories while keeping their performance quality and weight capacities in mind.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into the details!!

What is The hoverboard weight limit?

Your Hoverboard’s structure, model, or if it was specifically built to be used by kids, adults, or both will all have an effect on this. 

A Hoverboard’s maximum weight capacity might vary from 120 lbs to 300 lbs or more. 

Moreover, when analyzing a Hoverboard scooter’s maximum weight, there are several different things to take into account.

Here’s the table with the Hoverboard Size and Weight Limit:

Hoverboard Wheel SizeHoverboard Weight LimitAdditional Info
4 to 5-inch20 lbs to 120 lbsSuitable for children and lighter riders.
6 to 7-inch120 lbs to 220 lbsIdeal for teenagers and average adults.
8 to 10-inch260 lbs to 320 lbsDesigned for heavier or larger individuals.

In general, Hoverboard weights are designed to support certain ranges of weight. There are various sizes available for Hoverboards. As a result, the weight capacities grow directly proportional to the Hoverboard’s size.

The following are clearly some wild guesses, so before selecting a product that is best for you, you should complete your own study. Nonetheless, as you start your investigation, using this approach should be an excellent place to start.

What Is The Minimum Weight Limit Of A Hoverboard?

As per the previously mentioned maximum weight limit, Hoverboards typically propose a minimum weight limit. 

This prevents toddlers and young children from using the Hoverboard and having an accident. 

The minimum weight capacity of hoverboards is generally 44 lbs. Hence, as a result, children less than five years old won’t be able to use the Hoverboard’s self-balancing features due to their small frames. 

Alternatively, kids should definitely consider using Hoverboards.

Let’s Take A Look At The Factors That Affect The Weight Limit Of A Hoverboard:

Below, I have shared the factors that significantly affect the weight limit of a Hoverboard:

1. Desired Use

There are various types of Hoverboards available, each with a specialized function. Kids’ hoverboards often have a comparatively limited maximum weight capability, between 150 and 180 lbs. 

Adult Hoverboards of better quality can support riders’ weight up to 265 lbs. also, occasionally, possibly more. 

Hoverboards typically have a maximum user weight of 220 pounds. During our research, we only came across a few models that supported riders up to 300 lbs.

2. Price

Make sure to check the maximum weight limit if you’re looking for a Hoverboard that isn’t expensive.

Low-cost Hoverboards frequently use low-quality parts, and as a result, they typically handle lower maximum weights than heavy-duty electric Hoverboards.

3. Wheels

The size of the wheels may substantially impact the maximum weight capacity.  Therefore, 4” to 5” wheels on Hoverboards often support up to 120 lbs, making them ideal for kids.

Meanwhile, 6- to 7-inch hoverboard wheels can normally support up to 220 pounds, making them ideal for teens and average-sized riders.
There are also larger wheels available in hoverboards that can carry heavier loads.

However, these Hoverboards are found in the professional category.

What Is The Importance Of Learning About The Hoverboard’s Weight Limit?

The following are the factors that determine the importance of learning about the estimated weight limit for Hoverboards:

1. Malfunctioning of the Hoverboard

Hoverboards have the potential to be even more dangerous than walking on the street. 

The machine can malfunction or, at the very least, perform below expectations when you don’t weigh the proper weight for the product you are using. 

When Hoverboarding goes wrong, there can be serious injuries, including broken bones, headaches, bruising, etc.

2. Damage

Your Hoverboard could promote major harm if you are too overweight for it. You risk smashing your board in half when riding on harder terrain if the wheels blow. 

Also, it’s not preferable as a few Hoverboards have been reported to catch fire unexpectedly.

3. Battery life

Even if none of the above problems exist for you, you can still discover that your Hoverboard isn’t functioning as it should. 

You could find that your board doesn’t operate as smoothly as it might if you are heavier than the weight limit.

4. Safety Issues

It should come as no surprise that consistently going over the recommended weight limit for a Hoverboard creates a safety risk. 

These Hoverboards have self-balancing mechanisms. Hence when the weight limit is surpassed, the controls may become unreliable. 

Furthermore, the Hoverboard may malfunction while you are using it, which could cause severe injuries.

Tips For Maintaining the Hoverboard Weight Limit

Here are some tips to maintain your hoverboard Weight limit

1. Wheel Size

The maximum weight capacity of a hoverboard can be significantly impacted by the size of its wheels. In general, lighter weights can be supported by smaller wheel sizes whereas heavier weights can be supported by bigger wheel sizes. 

2. Slightly Over The Weight Limit  

Battery life and top speed may be slightly impaired, but you shouldn’t be in any risk of anything breaking if you are only two to three pounds over the weight restriction and the hoverboard still functions within pretty typical bounds.

3. Read The Documents

Make sure you read all of the instructions on the manufacturer’s website or the ecommerce page before buying a hoverboard to make sure your weight is within the range allowed and not below it. You’ll have a lot less hassle as a result.

4. Explore The Specifications

Examine the remaining criteria in addition to the wheel size and weight limit. This will inform you of the greatest speed that the hoverboard is capable of reaching as well as how long it takes to get there. Parents deciding whether to buy their child a hoverboard may be influenced by these metrics.

5. Consider Your Stuff

When calculating your weight, don’t forget to include the items in your actual person. This includes backpacks, laptops etc. Hoverboards are not made to carry heavy objects.

6. Size of Hoverboard

The weight of a hoverboard is also affected by its size. Larger boards will always be heavier than smaller boards.

Tips For Buying The Hoverboard Within The Weight Limit!

Here are a few significant and necessary factors to check while buying a hoverboard that fits perfectly according to your weight. 

1. Check the Documentation:

Before buying a Hoverboard for yourself, ensure you go through all the important papers and documentation processes from the seller’s and manufacturer’s websites to see if you fit under the maximum and minimum weight limits. 

This way, you will get the perfect size of a hoverboard. 

2. Check the Size of the wheel:

The size of their wheels can significantly impact hoverboards’ total weight limit. In general, heavier weights can be supported by larger wheel diameters, even though smaller wheel sizes are apt to support lower weights. 

3. Get one Slightly over the limit

The Hoverboard should still function within reasonably typical bounds if your weight is only two to three pounds over the limit. Though nothing should break, there may be little impact on the top speed and battery life.

4. Carefully study all the specifications

Check out the remaining specs and the wheel size and weight capacity. This will show you the greatest speed that the Hoverboard is capable of reaching as well as how long it takes to get there. 

These measures may have an effect on parents who are attempting to determine whether to get their child a hoverboard or not.

Hoverboards For Heavy Riders

In case you’re finding it difficult to find the right Hoverboard for you, below, I have shared the top-performing Hoverboards in the market that are perfect for Heavy riders.

Let’s take a look:

1. Swagtron Swagboard

Meet the T6 off-road hoverboard – your new adventure sidekick! With a whopping 420 lbs. weight capacity, it’s for riders of all shapes.

Plus, it effortlessly tackles bumps and 30° inclines, turning mud, grass, rain, and gravel into your playground. 

Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T-6 Hoverboard

The Swagtron Swagboard allows you to cruise with confidence 12 miles on a single charge, hitting speeds up to 12 MPH, thanks to its rugged 10″ tubeless tires.

The best part about this Hoverboard is that it pumps up your ride with Bluetooth tunes straight from your phone. 

This self-balancing beast isn’t just a ride; it’s literally your key to non-stop excitement. 

Key Features:

  • Max Speed – 12 MPH
  • Max Range – 12 Miles
  • Wheel Size – 10 inches
  • Weight Capacity – 420 Lbs
  • Motor –  450W dual motor 
  • Battery – 36V 42V
  • Product Weight – 32 Lbs

Price: $219.99 USD

2. Voyager Hoverboard

The Voyager has a 300W Dual Hub motor that offers a smooth cruising experience while offering complete control. 

This level of control is possible due to its ability to self-balance the design while keeping the safety of adults with heavy weights in mind. 

Voyager Hoverboard

This Hoverboard has been designed to cover up to 6 miles of distance while allowing you to recharge the battery within 6 hours. Plus, while the issue concerns the weight limit, it can take up to 185 lbs of maximum weight for commuting. 

Also, for those who worry about looks and performance, the Voyager’s built-in LEDs fixed on the deck and wheels have you covered with the trendy and stylish design.

Therefore, being a complete package to gift to your kids above ten or teenagers, the Voyager is the new way of commuting.

Key Features:

  • Max Speed – 6 Mph
  • Max Range –  6 Miles
  • Wheel Size –  inches
  • Weight Capacity –  185 Lbs
  • Motor –  300W Dual Hub
  • Battery –   36V/2Ah
  • Product Weight –  14 Lbs

Price: $149.99

3. Hover-1 Hoverboard

With a top speed of 7 mph, this little but powerful board is ideal for cruising at a handy, enjoyable, and safe pace. On a single charge, you can ride for up to three miles continuously. 

Hover-1 Hoverboard

The powerful battery lets LED lamps and illuminated battery life indicators complete your riding experience by providing the utmost convenience in the dark.

Any motorist is familiar with the sensation of a smooth ride, but the Drive Hoverboard provides an experience that’s unmatched by anything else. Ideal for children but a great choice for novices and grown-ups as well.

Key Features:

  • Max Speed – 7 MPH
  • Max Range – 3 Miles
  • Wheel Size – 6.5 inches
  • Weight Capacity – 160 Lbs
  • Motor – 320W
  • Battery – 36V/2.0Ah
  • Product Weight – 160 Lbs

Price: $93.96 USD

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Conclusion: Hoverboards Can Carry Weights From 20 lbs To 320 lbs

Whichever Hoverboard you decide on, do your research to make sure it’s the right fit for your lifestyle along with the Hoverboard’s weight limit.

Moreover, there are Hoverboards with less loading capacity for kids and heavy-duty Hoverboards for adults. Plus, these facts help users choose the appropriate Hoverboard according to their weight.


Can a 7-year-old ride on a Hoverboard safely?

The weight limit for Hoverboards is for children eight years of age and older; the majority of Hoverboards are advised.

Are Hoverboards meant to be used indoors?

Both indoors and outdoors are suitable for using Hoverboards, but avoid hitting anything like furniture, stairs, and corners. On delicate floor surfaces, avoid standing. Avoid carpeting and easily scuffed floor finishes when riding indoors.

Is riding a Hoverboard in the rain safe?

Avoid using the Hoverboard on any wet surfaces, even if they are only a little bit damp when riding it. The Hoverboard’s lack of waterproofing or water resistance is the cause of this.

Why is my Hoverboard losing power so quickly?

The battery will soon drain if you have heavy equipment and if you are a heavy rider.

Do Hoverboards frequently explode?

The overheating issues that hampered older Hoverboards have been resolved in modern models.
Older versions are still prone to catching fire, burning, and exploding, but if you get a modern Hoverboard that is certified in accordance with European safety regulations, none of these problems will occur.

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