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Over the past several years, there has been a significant rise in the theft of electric scooters. Additionally, if you reside in a large city like New York, you are aware of the prevalence of electric scooter theft.

And to top it all off, some electric scooters were taken from their home’s garage.

However, bringing your scooter inside and never leaving it outside is actually the most efficient way to lock it.

On the other hand, it’s not always useful. It may be the case that all you want to do is pick up a coffee or some supplies for home, or the place you’re visiting won’t let you bring the scooter inside. Yes, there are various scenarios.

Here are a few quick and easy steps to lock your electric scooter no matter what type of lock you use.

Overview: A Complete Guide to Locking an Electric Scooter Properly

Electric scooters are wonderful for commuting and are a lot of fun. The threat of theft has increased along with its popularity among adults.

Also, nobody enjoys having their car broken into, particularly when you think about the thousands of dollars you spend out of the will.

Hence, with the help of the steps given below, you can lock your electric scooters in a precisely secure way by choosing a suitable lock as per your preferences.

1. See whether there are any safe locking points for your electric scooter.

Never secure the lock to a specific part of the scooter that can be taken apart or undone, such as the stem, carry handles, or kickplates.

locking points for your electric scooter

A lock can be pushed off in the stem before screwing the handlebars back on because they are simple to unscrew and remove.

Similar to the last example, most carry handles and kickplates are connected to the scooter with tiny nails that can be taken out with an Allen key set.

Your best choices are to wrap the lock through or around the scooter’s folding mechanism or through a crevice in its frame, such as the neck.

Always ensure the lock can completely fit through your scooter’s secure location.

Additionally, the item to which you connect it must be fixed firmly in place with no risk of movement.

Street lights, iron gates, and any other solid pillars attached to the ground are all acceptable here; however, anything made of wood or weak is not.

2. Buy a lock that keeps your E-scooter at the best security at any location.

To keep your electric scooter at the best security possible at any location or area, selecting a suitable lock is essential thing.

E-scooter at the best security at any location

Based on the above factor, we recommend a U-lock which is an appropriate choice and perfectly sized for your electric scooter.

A U-shaped cuff that locks onto a straight crossbar is the basic component of U-locks, which get their name from its design.

U-locks come in a wide range of security levels. While some U-locks are resistant to power tools, others can be quickly and simply undone with bolt cutters.

Quality U-locks weigh and, usually approximately 2 kg. Also, they are created of hardened steel. They cost about $87.02 and have a sturdy shackle and crossbar.

U-locks are available in a range of sizes. Some include longer shackles to make it simpler to secure your scooter to more difficult-to-reach things. 

However, as they are more secure, you should buy the narrowest cuff that would suit your scooter.

3. Attach the lock to a permanent fixture to insert the lock through the scooter.

Secure your scooter to an object that cannot be moved easily or is a permanent installation or fixture that is rooted into the ground.

Attach the lock

The fixture shouldn’t be something that a burglar might break or lift your scooter over, such as a sign that needs to be unscrewed from a small pillar.

The safest features include towering signposts, bike racks, stair rails, and aluminum or steel posts. Avoid metal fences since they are frequently shallow and able to be cut.

Different types of locks to keep your electric scooter safe 

There are different types of locks made for different types of needs of electric scooter owners. Hence, we have curated a bunch of locks you can use for your electric scooter for its utmost security.

1. Cable Lock

The cheapest solution for locking your scooter is a cable lock made for bicycles. 

Cable Lock for electric scooter

They can be attached to any object inside the cable and are adaptable enough to loop around various scooter parts. You can put them on the scooter or carry them in a backpack.

This sort of lock’s biggest drawback is that wire cutters can quickly cut through it. As a result, Sold Secure has given all cable locks a Bronze rating.

This indicates that it will probably only prevent impulsive criminals and do nothing to prevent someone better-prepared.

2. U-lock

A U-Lock is a conventional scooter lock that offers the highest level of security. The majority of the Sold Secure Gold ratings for this kind of lock are held by the U-Lock.

U-lock for electric scooter

A U-Lock is a shackle made of hardened steel that may be fastened to both the scooter and a reliable object.

You’ll need powerful bolt cutters or power tools to defeat this lock. These locks will stop all opportunistic thieves.

Because it is inflexible and less portable than a chain or cable lock, the U-Lock has some significant drawbacks.

3. Ring Lock

If your scooter has wheels with accessible spokes, you can use a Ring Lock.

Ring Lock for electric scooter

These locks use a cable in the middle of a ring of hardened steel. When the wheel is locked, the cable is wound around the rim to restrict rotation.

Most of these locks are Silver-rated and offer much more security than a basic cable lock. A couple of these alternatives can also be plugged in, increasing security by connecting them to a cable lock.

4. Chain Lock

An upgrade from a cable lock that functions similarly is a chain lock. The scooter is fastened to the object using covered chain links rather than a cable.

Chain Lock for electric scooter

Wire cutters are useless against chain locks, which must be broken with a saw or bolt cutters. Through Sold Secure, several chain locks are given a Silver rating.

A lock with a silver rating maintains a balance between price and security.

5. Disc Lock

You can utilize a disc lock if your scooter, such as a brake caliper. Disc locks stop the wheel from rotating by attaching it to the braking caliper.

Disc Lock for electric scooter

A few discs are certified as Motor Scooter Gold, but none are Motor Scooter Silver. This indicates that Sold Secure believes the locks to be secure against the typical thief.

6. Lock By Mobile application

Using the different  mobile applications you can lock your scooter anytime, anywhere 

Mobile app for scooter lock

7. Fingerprint reader Lock

 This type of security feature is uncommon and is present on several high-end models, including Storm Limited.

Fingerprint reader

8. Digital Password Lock

This is one of the most rarely used techniques to lock and secure your scooter from thieves. 

Digital locker

9. Alarm Lock

Some scooters have built-in alarms that go off when a would-be thief tries to move an electric scooter or roll it away. However, the alarms typically make a beeping sound rather than being particularly loud. 

alarm for electric scooter

10. GPS tracker 

The device provides the details of its exact location and follows movements, allowing for real-time tracking.

Gps tracker

How to choose the best electric scooter lock for you?

Follow the following ways to choose the best electric scooter lock to keep your scooter safe and secure without having to worry about anyone breaking the lock:

1. Lock Application 

The most crucial and important part while choosing the perfect electric scooter lock for you is scooter determining where you’ll be putting the lock. 

You need a lock that can be injected through even the sturdiest parts of your electric scooter, whether it has two stems, foldability, or a gap in its neck.

Ultimately, you need to ensure that your lock is big enough to wrap around your electric scooter and the thing it is attached to.

2. Hydraulic Cutting, Sawing, and drilling resistant ability

Another important factor that may make your electric scooter lock useless is tools used to cut locks like a hydraulic cutter, Saw, and drilling machine.

Therefore, ensure buying a lock that is resistant to all of these tools and cannot be easily broken.

3. Choosing the right lock 

There are different types of locks to lock your electric scooter, which I have shared below, along with the condition it is suitable for

Lock TypeSuitable For?
U-Lock/D-Lock:Useful to attach it with a post or pole.
Folding Lock:For combat yet adjustable and easily portable lock.
Cable Lock:For a lock with flexibility.
Chain Lock:When you require a heavy lock to chain down your e-scooter.
Ring Lock:To prevent the e-scooter from rolling forward or backward.
Disc Brake Lock:When you only want to lock the wheels of the scooter.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Locking An Electric Scooter

There are many e-scooters available with features that eliminate the worry regarding theft. However, it’s impossible to remember them every time you lock your electric scooter somewhere. 

Hence, we have shared a bunch of essential tips to keep in mind while locking an electric scooter. You can check these tips below:

  1. Your electric scooter may not always be secure with a lock.

A locked electric scooter might not always ensure complete security. However, choose locks with a 10-grade rating for cutting and breaking resistance.

  1. Keeping your electric scooter inside

It is always safe to always carry a portable, folding electric scooter around with you rather than leave it parked or stored outdoors.

Generally, Better e-scooters are those that are more portable.

Hence, always choose a foldable and portable electric scooter instead of a traditional one if you feel uncomfortable leaving your valuable one behind.

  1. Purchase a scooter that has a removable battery.

When you park your electric scooter, take the battery out. Scooters with removable batteries are practical for both storage and charging.

The only ways to move an electric scooter after removing the battery are by hand or by a moving vehicle.

4. Avoid following routines

Avoid following routines where you leave your Electric Scooter in the same position or at the same time every day. When parking your electric bike, choose a location with traffic and security cameras.

5. Keep Necessary Equipment

Make sure you have the necessary equipment, such as strong locks, audio alarms, and GPS tracking, to avoid the theft of the electric scooter.

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Wrapping It Up!

Lastly, I’ll just say that A committed thief will take anything they can, regardless of the lock, as no lock is unbreakable.

Making it too impossible for a burglar to steal your scooter is the ideal strategy to apply because a lock only stops petty thieves and the scooter from moving anywhere.

Use as smallest U-lock, chain lock, or cable lock as you can to prohibit tools from being put around your electric scooter and the lock.

Ultimately, A lock that is properly configured to discourage even seasoned criminals is the best electric scooter lock.

This concludes the article, and I sincerely hope you found the information useful. Please leave feedback in the comments section below if you liked provided information. Ciao!

FAQs: lock an electric scooter

1. How can I prevent someone from stealing my electric scooter?

Some of the finest tools for preventing scooter theft include basic items like powerful locks, an anti-theft alarm, and a GPS tracker.

2. Do electric scooters include anti-theft technology?

It can also be connected to your electric scooter’s stem or handlebar. When your e-scooter is parked, these security measures provide a discrete way to keep it extra secure.

3. How frequently do thieves steal electric bicycles?

An electric bike is likely to be stolen 3.8% of the time annually.

4. How can lock bumping be prevented?

As soon as possible, replace your typical pin-and-tumbler locks with bump-proof keyless ones.

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