Is It Worth Buying an Electric Scooter? (Detailed Guide)

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Buying an electric scooter is the need of the hour, yet it is necessary to know if it’s worth it to avoid regret later. Plus, the traditional transport options have risen unsustainably because of city congestion. So, is it worth buying an electric scooter for oneself or not?

There are several reasons you might have begun exploring differently for your daily commute, from the rising expense of petrol, taxes, and the vehicles themselves to simply wanting to avoid the daily grind of traffic jams. 

Globally, personal electric vehicles and public transit use are rising, and numerous regions have embraced the changes.

Electric scooters and bike ridesharing options have appeared everywhere in recent years in the US.

The reasons behind electric scooters popularity

Many commuters have opted to adopt these new ride-share models, which cut down on their time spent on the road, transit costs, and carbon footprint.

The majority of electric scooter models are rather quick, easy to transport, and operate with minimal effort. Thanks to advances in battery technology, even smaller batteries now have a respectable range.

Are electric scooters worth buying? If yes, why?

electric scooters worth buying

The factors that make an electric scooter worthy of buying and have proven the significance of electric scooters are mentioned below.

1. Available on an affordable budget

Electric scooters are available in a wide range in the market. All categories can be found in electric scooters, whether long-range, short-range, or foldable, for adults or kids. 

Plus, they are available in all price ranges from $300 to $4000, which gives you the freedom to choose as per your affordability.

2. Eco-friendly aspects

If you are a climate change warrior, electric scooters are a way to start reducing pollution. Instead of using gasoline or diesel, electric scooters are a more environmentally friendly form of transportation.

Eco-friendly aspects of electric scooter

Since batteries power electric scooters, no hazardous gas emissions are produced. They are, therefore, a great option for people who want to lessen their influence on the environment. 

3. Low Maintenance costs

Electric scooters are rather inexpensive with regard to maintenance. The majority of the time, the expenses you will have to pay for air-filled tire electric scooters are related to flat tires. 

Low Maintenace costs of electric scooter

Since a sealant like Tire Slime is required, fixing a flat tire is typically a straightforward process. According to Statistics, the charging prices are remarkably low, with the greatest charging rates being only 45 cents for high-battery capacity. 

4. A way to earn extra money

You always opt for s way to earn money by giving your electric scooter up for ride-sharing. You can also give your e-scooter rent to rental services like Lime, Bird, and Goat. This is definitely a smarter way of earning extra money.

5. Portability

A way to earn extra money

You can carry electric scooters anywhere at your convenience, as they can be folded and are easy to lift. Moreover, even if you are traveling abroad, you can still transport electric scooters on a plane or a ship along with you. 

6. Saves Time

The electric scooters are small and easy to use, you can easily commute from one place to another quickly. Plus, they are faster than walking or running. 

Moreover, you don’t have to stay in traffic for minutes, and worry about traffic jams as well. Electric scooter is worth buying as it saves your time.

Cost of owning an electric scooter

The average American spends between $2000 to $2500 annually on their commute, according to research conducted just before the pandemic. 

These are only rough estimates; your actual cost will depend on the route you take and the method of transportation you select.

The costs of commuting, at least on average, on a fuel-powered vehicle are pretty high. So, if you’ve been looking for ways to cut costs in this area of your life, you’re not alone.

Owning a personal electric scooter will save you money; therefore, it’s worth thinking about.

The fact that these solutions are far more environmentally friendly, which is something we are continually reminded of in our everyday lives, is the second most important factor influencing people’s decisions to take this route.

Pros And Cons of an electric scooter

Here is a comparison of the Pros and Cons that occur with an electric scooter which will help you understand if electric scooters are worth it or not.

Pros Cons
Electric scooters are a convenient choice for commuting in the city.Electric scooters need to be charged every day.
There is no requirement for a driving license in some countries.There is a lack of knowledge about electric scooters in people, which can be harmful if used carelessly.
The operating costs are low with an electric scooter.It sometimes depends on weather conditions
It helps in maintaining air and noise pollution.Extra featured electric scooters can be expensive
Anyone can ride them, from kids to old people.
Electric scooters can be carried and transported anywhere as they come in lightweight and foldable forms too.
Electric scooters are lightweight

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Wrapping Up! Is It Worth Buying an Electric Scooter

Urban commuters and collegegoers all around the world are fascinated by the new personal mobility option known as the electric scooter. And it’s clear why. 

They provide a fun and environmentally sustainable means of transportation. Since battery technology has advanced, they are now more accessible and lightweight than ever before. 

So, to sum it up, Electric scooters are worth buying. However, make sure you pick the right one!

FAQs: Is It Worth Buying an Electric Scooter

What is the average mileage of electric scooters?

An electric scooter has a 35-40 Mph average mileage on a one-time charge.

At what age can users start riding an electric scooter?

Users above eight years of age can start riding an electric scooter.

Can older people ride an electric scooter? Is it safe for them?

Older people can easily ride electric scooters as it is absolutely safe for anyone.

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