10 Electric Scooter Buying Tips to Save You Money In 2024

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Are you fascinated by all those stylish e-scooter in a newspaper, on TV, or on the internet and considering buying one and looking for electric scooter buying tips.

When it comes to electric scooters, looks aren’t the only factors you should be considering. 

Various factors such as their abilities, facilities, motor power, and other technical components play a vital role. 

To make your purchase simple, we have compiled various electric scooter buying tips. 

All the tips mentioned below will ensure you pay attention to all the important aspects and invest in the one that is right for you!

10 Things you should consider while buying an Electric Scooter

When choosing an electric scooter, many factors make it worth your while other than just its looks. 

It’s necessary to review the scooter’s specifications, like its Wheels, climbing ability, water resistance, size, weight, design, and how much you can rely on the product. 

Electric scooter

Since these are the factors that help you in choosing an ideal electric scooter for you, here you can learn more about them below:

1. Quality of Ride

The quality of the ride depends on the specifications of the electric scooter. The reason behind considering the ride quality as the first factor to be checked is that not all scooters give the same performance as displayed to the public eye.

Notably, numerous components add value to the quality of an electric scooter, which is as follows:

  • Wheel Size
  • Tires
  • Suspension
  • Brakes

2. Hill Climb Ability & Motor Torque 

The motor’s power rating determines the scooter’s output power. The scooter can readily climb hills and deliver steady acceleration on incline surfaces with a powerful motor.

The typical 250-watt engines in electronic scooters may reach top speeds of 15 mph. They are suitable for cyclists weighing up to 175 pounds and are great for handling on reasonably flat roads.

Many high-performance scooters feature motors that are 500 watts or more. Thanks to their remarkable power output, they can support much body weight and accelerate swiftly on rough or mountainous terrain.

3. Water-resistance

Invest in a water-resistant scooter to enjoy the convenience of riding in any weather. This extra layer of defense prevents technical problems from emerging after you ride it through puddles or on slick roads. 

A condition stating that the guarantee is invalid for any damages caused by getting the scooter wet is frequently seen in the documents of most scooter warranties.

The ingress protection (IP) ratings indicate the scooters’ resistance to water and dust. The greater the IP number, the greater the moisture resistance. A table that can help you comprehend the IP rating is provided below.

Most electric bikes, scooters, and hoverboards have an IPx4 classification, allowing you to use them in light rain.

4. Maximum Load

You should know that not all electric scooters are built to handle the same load when choosing.  

The typical maximum load for e-scooters made in Europe is 100 kg. Many individuals who weigh over 100 kg regularly use these e-scooters. You must be informed that doing this voids your warranty and poses a risk. 

Your performance and safety will likely suffer if you ride an e-scooter that isn’t designed for your weight. 

This method of riding an e-scooter will make it more difficult for you to climb hills and is unlikely to allow you to reach the vehicle’s top speeds. 

 Electric Scooter Max Load

5. Range

Electric scooters cover more distance if they are made in the high-range category. Hence, if you commute daily to work or anywhere else, you should opt for a long-range electric scooter that will take you and bring you back home on one charge.

Also, buy an electric scooter that can provide a smoother ride on both flat and hilly terrains and offer good mileage on rough terrains. 

This way, it will not strain your scooter’s battery, and you will have a rugged commuter up your sleeves for an everyday commute.

6. Speed

First, you need to know your need for speed; then, you can find an ideal e-scooter for yourself. 

The reason is that having an electric scooter with a high top speed is better than one with a restricted top speed; riding an e-scooter at a fast speed is harmful due to its small wheels.

So, the bottom line is choosing an e-scooter with a moderate speed and staying on the safer side is better.

7. Reliability

As electric scooters are still a new product category in the market regarding reliability, it’s better to stick to well-known manufacturers which users around the world trust. 

That being said, big companies like provide you with trustworthy warranties on the e-scooter you buy, unlike some small companies offering false warranties on your purchase.

8. Size & weight 

While riding, users should consider whether the e-scooter is the proper size for them and whether it can be folded down and stored easily.

However, not all electric scooters fold, so it’s helpful to verify when you buy, particularly if you are short on storage room at home. A folded scooter should be compact enough to store it conveniently.

It’s also crucial to consider the distance you may need to transport your e-scooter at the start or the end of your trip, so you also need to consider its weight.

9. Design

Consider an electric scooter that fits your lifestyle and has a robust design with wheels, a handlebar, and a deck. 

A scooter’s folding mechanism makes it simple to move and store the device, whether you are living in an apartment or taking public transportation.

You may swap performance-enhancing features like a big battery in exchange for a lightweight item that is easy to lift and transport up and down stairs, depending on how often you carry the scooter. 

Check the product’s design and materials to determine whether it fits your lifestyle. If you frequently travel at night, consider installing lights to ensure safety.

10. Category Of Electric Scooter

Electric scooters should also be chosen based on price categories because their features also depend on their price. There are multiple categories for buying an e-scooter: budget, mid-range, premium-level, and performance electric scooters. 

Category Of Electric Scooter

All these categories have different price ranges and levels of advanced technical specifications based on their prices.

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Wrapping Up: Electric Scooter Buying Tips

Having tips for buying an electric scooter up your sleeves is an advantage that helps. 

When purchasing an electric scooter, there are several things to take into account. 

Your budget, the sort of terrain you will be riding on, and how much range you require are the factors that matter most.  

After considering these things, you can begin to limit your options. You will find the ideal electric scooter because so many great models are available.

FAQs: Electric Scooter Buying Tips

How can you choose an electric scooter for adult users?

If you are buying an electric scooter for an adult, you should buy one with an expansive deck, higher loading capacity, and long range.

Should you charge an electric scooter every day?

Although it is unnecessary to charge an electric scooter every day, it all depends on how fast your scooter is exhausted after riding.

How to know which size is suitable for your physique?

You should choose an electric scooter whose handlebars come to your waist height when standing on the deck.

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