Can You Bring An Electric Scooter On A Plane? (2024 Guide)

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Traveling to some other state or country comes with many expenses, but it saves you money and time if you just carry your electric scooter anywhere you go. However, can you bring an electric scooter on a plane?

Just like you, many people are unaware of the rules and regulations surrounding electric scooters. These rules change from region to region and airline to airline.

You must contact the airlines in advance and be aware of their conditions to allow you to transport your electric scooter on a plane.

Additionally, there are more aspects to this matter that you should go through once regarding electric scooters. So, let’s take a look below!

Domestic Flights (United States)

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has strict guidelines and rules regarding transporting an electric scooter on an airplane. 

Domestic Flights

Although a passenger is allowed to take batteries, you can only carry portable ones for your devices. These batteries should be kept securely to avoid short circuits, heating up, and damage. Plus, it should be below 160Wh to be allowed on the plane.

Therefore, only if you have an electric scooter with a maximum battery power of 160Wh, FAA will allow you to transport your electric scooter on an airplane.

Furthermore, this scenario can also differ based on airlines’ local laws and regulations regarding electric scooters.

Hence, having proper consent is necessary; always ask the airlines before taking your electric scooter with you to the airport.

Some domestic airlines allow you to bring two more batteries, but they cannot total more than 300 Wh.

Before thinking about bringing your electric scooter, ask the airline for advice.

Two weeks before the scheduled flight, you must notify the airline. The safety of the airline’s passengers is its responsibility because a scooter’s battery may be hazardous. 

Therefore, the scooter’s model, battery type, and weight must be known in advance by the airlines.

You may bring it if you demonstrate that the electric scooter is a medically necessary mobility aid. Please provide all the information and instructions on how to achieve this.

International Flights (Boarded From the US)

International regulations for lithium-ion batteries are frequently even stricter. Li-ion batteries are categorized and monitored as “Hazardous items” by the International Air Transport Association, also known as IATA, because of the improbable risk of overheating and exploding. 

International Flights

Specific Rules and Regulations To Transport Electric Scooters:

1. Passengers may have it as either luggage or checked items if the lithium-powered battery does not exceed 100Wh. This does not demand the operator’s consent. 

2. Passengers can pack these items in either carry-on luggage or checked baggage if the lithium-ion battery is higher than 100Wh but not greater than 160Wh. However, the operator’s consent is necessary.

3. Ultimately, the item is strictly forbidden from being carried as either passenger or crew-verified or carry-on luggage when the battery power surpasses 160Wh.

Specific Rules and Regulations To Transport Electric Scooters

Note: Even though these are rules made for International flights, the laws and regulations differ from region to region as some have specific rules.

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Final Verdict: Can You Bring an Electric Scooter on a Plane?

So, it turns out that you can bring an electric scooter on a plane by following certain rules set by the airlines and FAA.

Also, whether or not you can bring an electric scooter on a plane, you should always take permission from the authorities of the airlines. It will always help if you are ahead of time if you often travel by an electric scooter.

More importantly, do not forget to check the rule book of the state or country you are traveling to before heading there with your electric scooter. 

Being proactive will only help you and save you from many hassles.


Is it allowed to gate-check your electric scooter?

You can gate-check your personal belongings and mobility scooters with the right provided by The Air Carrier Act.

Do Airlines charge you to carry your electric scooters on a plane?

Luckily, carrying your electric scooter on a plane is free.

Is it allowed to carry an electric scooter as hand luggage?

If your electric scooter can be dismantled or folded in a backpack and fits the restrictions given by airlines, you might be able to carry your electric scooter as hand luggage.

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