Best 50 Mph Electric Scooter For 2024 (Our #1 Pick)

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Thrill-loving riders have gotten a treat with fast-paced e-scooters that have recently taken over the market. The best 50 Mph electric scooter category is one of these fast-paced e-scooters that fulfills your need for speed.

Therefore, after reviewing and comparing more than 50 electric scooters, I have shortlisted the five best 50 Mph electric scooters fast enough to zip out.

To give you my verdict, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior tops the chart of the Best 50 Mph Electric Scooter category with its powerful motor power and maximum range.

But hold on! There are other gems in the league that I have added to the list. So, if you want to explore in detail, keep reading!

Top 5 Best 50 Mph Electric Scooters In 2024 ( Quick Comparison)

The table below compares our top 5 best 50 mph electric scooters, including the key technical specifications, waterproof rating, and more.

Electric Scooter For Hills Top SpeedMax RangeMotorWeight CapacityIP Rating
Wolf Warrior50 Mph70 miles1200W*2330 lbsIPX4
Nami Burn-e 245 Mph90 miles1000W*2330 lbsIP55
Vsett 10+50 mph52 miles1400W*2285 lbsIP54
YUME Y1150 mph50 miles3000W*2330 lbsIP54
Wolf Warrior GT50 Mph60 miles1200W*2330 lbsIPX5

Let’s take a closer look at the Best 50 Mph Electric Scooter 

1. Wolf Warrior (Best overall)

Wolf Warrior

Technical Specifications:

Top Speed50 mph
Maximum Range60 miles
Tires11 inches
BrakesHydraulic and electronic discs
Battery60V 35Ah LG
Weight Capacity330 lbs
Waterproof IP RatingsIPX4

Price: $2899

Suppose you desire a jaw-dropping adrenaline-rushing speed while sporting the best set of dual motor powered 1200W each. Additionally, the 40A controllers help deliver about 5400W peak power combined with the dual motors.

Riders seeking thrill with an affordable scooter with beast-like power instantly reach 15 mph in 1.8 seconds. That’s why it’s considered one of the fastest scooters in the same category.

With a maximum range of 60 miles, it is worth noting. The scooter is also an expert when it comes to climbing hills, with a climbing ability of 30 degrees. Plus, it can tackle any type of terrain like a piece of cake while delivering constant smooth rides.

Not to forget the hydraulic suspension system at the front with dual springs in the rear wheel. Moreover, Kaabo has made this scooter with a powerful pair of hydraulic disc brakes in both front and back. Additionally, an anti-locking braking system gives you extra security on the setup.


  • This 50 mph scooter is value for money.
  • Peak power ability of 5400W 
  • Built with premium features
  • Powerful hydraulic braking system
  • Tackle any terrain
  • Motorcycle -grade -suspension


  • Bit heavy

2. Nami Burn-e 2 (Best for extra comfort)

 Nami Burn-e 2

Technical Specifications:

Top Speed45 Mph
Maximum Range90 miles
Tires11 inches tubeless tires
BrakesAdjustable regenerative brakes (LOGAN 2 piston full hydraulic)
Battery72V 28Ah LG
Weight Capacity265 lbs
Waterproof IP RatingsIP55

Price: $2999

This electric scooter with a dual motor of 1000W each is bound to give you massive peak power with the help of its sine wave controllers. These controllers help you reach a peak output of about 5000W, leaving you speechless.

With a whopping top speed of 50 mph, the Nami Burn-e 2 delivers a relatively faster speed than most of its rival e-scooters. 

This scooter is an absolute champion, which offers a hydraulic coil-shock absorption and shock absorption system suspension. Plus, the LOGAN hydraulic disc brakes are as powerful as its suspension, even though it has two pistons only.

This model is a clear embodiment of comfort and ease, which makes you feel safe with its steering damp for extra control.

Regarding the lighting of the scooter, it has a brighter headlight, taillight, and properly visible turning signal lights.


  • Value for money in the 50 mph category.
  • Sine wave controllers to control motor power separately.
  • Improved built quality along with carbon-fiber stem.
  • Impressive riding quality with adjustable shocks plus hydraulic suspension.
  • Certified with multiple waterproof ratings.
  • The ride can be customized according to ride preferences.


  • The display can be damaged if the stem folds harshly.
  • The display washes out in the sunlight.

3. Vsett 10+ (Best for durability)

 Vsett 10+

Technical Specifications:

Top Speed50 mph
Maximum Range45 miles
Tires10 inches
BrakesFront spring and rear Hydraulic brakes
Battery60V 25Ah LG
Weight Capacity285 lbs
Waterproof IP RatingsIPX4

Price: $1699

The Vsett 10+ is considered one of the most versatile and well-liked 50mph e-scooter models in the industry. 

There are three battery choices from which riders can choose, such as 60V 20.8Ah, 60V 25.6Ah, and 60V 28Ah. In addition, the best part is that all the battery options have a top speed of 50 mph.

However, the maximum range for each battery version varies as per the battery amperage. Therefore, you can choose an electric scooter based on your basic needs and other requirements.

Furthermore, the effective shock absorption suspension system comes with a spring in the front and hydraulic suspension in the back. Additionally, the 10*3 inch air-filled tires are more than enough to absorb shocks over any type of terrain.

The flexible folding mechanism offers seamless folding each time with a stem lock to attach it to the rear part of the scooter.


  • Well-maintained stability.
  • Agile acceleration because of the fine-tuned motors.
  • Flexible and adjustable handlebars to suit all riders.
  • NFC key immobilizer to protect from unauthorized riding attempts.
  • Brighter lights from all sides for better visibility.


  • Lower positioned headlight
  • Difficult locking mechanism.

4. YUME Y11 (Best for Off-roading)


Technical Specifications:

Top Speed50 mph
Maximum Range50 miles
Tires11 inches
BrakesHydraulic front and rear disc brakes
Battery60V 31.5Ah LG
Weight Capacity330 lbs
Waterproof IP RatingsIP54

Price: $1999

If you wish to own an e-scooter for off-roading, YUME Y11 is the perfect alternative to fulfill your needs. 

The best highlight of the scooter that makes this scooter better for off-roading is the 11-inch big monster tires. These tires deliver a well-balanced speed and distance while offering a scooter within budget.

A rapidly running e-scooter like YUME Y11 requires a powerful suspension system, which it thankfully has. The triple suspension system has coil shock absorbers in the back and a fork shock absorption system in the front.

Furthermore, the 6000W of massive motor power is delivered at the peak when the combined dual motor power works together. Additionally, the front fork design enhances the whole look of the scooter, even though the remaining design is a bit outdated.


  • Durable aluminum alloy frame.
  • Smoothest 50 mph scooter on the market.
  • The motor delivers high torque to cross tough terrains.
  • Tubeless tires to avoid flats.
  • Effective and durable car-grade 21700 battery cells for higher maximum discharge.
  • Affordable 


  • The scooter could have been lighter.

5. Wolf Warrior GT (Best for fast and stable rides)

Wolf Warrior GT

Technical Specifications:

Top Speed50 mph
Maximum Range60 miles
Tires11 inches
BrakesFull Hydraulic Disc brakes
Battery60V 35Ah LG
Weight Capacity115 lbs
Waterproof IP RatingsNone

Price: $3299

The Wolf Warrior GT is a top-performing e-scooter made for off-roading and fast riding, which is a little more pricey in the electric scooter 50 mph category than the original Wolf Warrior. 

While bringing the same features with a few more upgrades to make the scooter step up to the next level, you can push all the commuting boundaries with it because of the 1200W motor power while giving you an extra smooth riding experience.

These powerful motors are accompanied by upgraded sine wave controllers for quick acceleration and efficient hill climbing. 

You can consider the Wolf Warrior GT a more elegant and powerful version of the original Wolf Warrior with realistic maximum range and top speed in the category of an electric scooter that goes 50 mph. The best part is that all the scooter components complement each- other well for smooth sailing.


  • Raging acceleration and top speed.
  • Extended stem and wide handlebars.
  • Smooth throttle response with sinewave controllers.
  • Improved lighting and turning signal lights.
  • Improved cockpit and good quality TFT display.
  • Motorcycle grade suspension


  • Bit heavy
  • It’s hard when folding.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Choose An Electric Scooter

Follow the following steps to choose a suitable electric scooter that will suit your lifestyle and riding needs. There you go-

1. As per your experience

Finding out what kind of rider you are is the first step in selecting an electric scooter. You can select from the beginning, intermediate, or expert categories.

  • Beginner Level:

You should search for electric scooters for beginners if you haven’t used one before and have only used kick scooters or bikes.

These scooters will have straightforward, user-friendly controls, gradual acceleration, kick-start capability, and a maximum speed of 20 mph.

We recommend scooter categories like Commuter and Entry-Level to beginner-level riders.

  • Intermediate Level:

You can be considered an intermediate rider if you have some experience using electric scooters and are comfortable using the controls. Plus, you can balance yourself while traveling at different speeds.

Scooters designed for intermediate riders will have more power than those made for beginner riders. They have features, larger batteries, and more powerful motors. These vehicles have a top speed of 40 mph.

We recommend scooter categories like Commuter and Performance scooters to intermediate-level riders.

  • Expert Level:

Riders who have owned and used a variety of electric scooter models are regarded as experts.

The best-performing scooters can only be ridden by an experienced rider. These scooters fit into the performance, high-performance, and ultra-performance categories and are incredibly powerful. 

Most will have a top speed of more than 40 mph, raging acceleration rates that inexperienced riders find difficult to handle, and many high-end features, such as hydraulic suspension, hydraulic brakes, and high-grade batteries. 

We recommend categories like Performance, High Performance, and Ultra Performance scooters to intermediate-level riders.

2. Choose the right scooter type

  • Entry level:

Entry-level electric scooters are easy to operate having the most basic features as possible while reducing expense.

Due to their low speeds, lack of confusing additional features, and affordable price tags, they are the best options for novices.

They usually range from $300 to $700, and are lightweight, with a maximum cruise at 20 mph.

  • Commuter:

To get to work and from work, you can simply opt for a commuter scooter. They also allow you to ride greater distances and quicker with them than with less expensive models since they have more engine and battery power. Their typical cost, which ranges from $500 to $1,500.

  • Performance:

Performance scooters are for intermediate to expert level riders that can handle a powerful electric scooter with high speed and higher motor power. 

These scooters can easily reach 30 to 40 mph while having 1000W to 2000W motor power. Plus, they are equipped with a high-quality suspension, better hill-climbing ability, and tires that suit multiple terrains.

  • High-performance:

High-performance scooters are capable of doing everything that performance e-scooters can do, but they have a lot more power.

These scooters range in price from $2,000 to $3,500, so you are likely to receive huge engines, massive batteries, and plenty of power offering acceleration from 0 to 50 mph in a few seconds.

  • Ultra-performance:

These top-of-the-line scooters cost more than $3,000 as they can travel up to 80 mph like wind, have brilliant accelerating rates, and have incredibly big battery packs that can keep the wheels spinning for nearly 140-150 miles.

3. Choosing a reliable model

Now that you have seen what types of scooters you can choose from, it’s time to know how to choose a reliable model. 

To start with the process, Always ensure to check the scooter’s reviews and reputation from trusted sources.

Electric scooter sellers and manufacturers try to lure customers by only showcasing the good side of the product and making you spend your money on them.

Furthermore, to check if you can trust the review, read the reviews that also point out the bad side of the product along with the good points. This kind of review is usually genuine and tries to show the real-life experience of the product.

You can check out the product line’s market and performance history and avoid brands available on untrustworthy online marketplaces.

4. Where should you buy your e-scooter from?

Now that you’ve chosen the exact scooter you’re looking for, you need to decide where to buy it.

In our opinion, specialty stores specializing in retailing electric scooters and related devices are significantly better than sites or general marketplaces that sell various electronic goods.

This is why they can give you specialized, in-depth buying recommendations, as they are experts in their products. Additionally, they offer the best technical support.

5. Brands we recommend

After testing various electric scooters from multiple brands over the year, our team at Electron Wheel found the following e-scooter brands we can trust:

Brands and RetailersScooter type availability
MercaneCommuter Scooter
UnagiCommuter Scooter
AnyHillBudget and Commuter Scooter
GoTraxBudget and Commuter Scooters
TurboantBudget and Commuter Scooters
HiboyBudget, Commuter, and Performance Scooters
SPLACHBudget, Commuter and Performance Scooters
INOKIMCommuter and Performance Scooters
EMOVECommuter and Performance Scooters
ApolloCommuter, Performance and High-Performance Scooters
VSETTCommuter, Performance and High-Performance Scooters
DualtronPerformance and High-Performance Scooters
KaaboPerformance and High-Performance Scooters
VarlaPerformance and High-Performance Scooters

6. Factors to consider while buying an e-scooter

  • Power:

Budget scooters normally feature one 36V 350W motor and have a top speed of 20 mph. 

However, high-performance models can have two 72V 2000W engines with a top speed of 80 mph. In the end, the speed of the scooter increases with the size of the motor.

  • Battery:

The battery will last longer and have a wider range if the Wh value is higher. A cheap scooter, for instance, might feature a 36V 10Ah battery. 

When put together, these numbers offer the battery’s 360Wh storage capacity. The wheels will continue to turn for a maximum of 25 to 30 miles. 

In contrast, a 72V 35Ah battery in an ultra-performance vehicle might have sufficient power to drive 100 miles.

  • Brakes:

A scooter needs brakes of greater quality, the faster and more powerful it is.

Several braking systems are available, including electrical, regenerative, disc, foot, semi-hydraulic discs, drums, and fully-hydraulic discs. 

The greatest brakes available are fully hydraulic, and when combined with regeneration braking, they provide immense stopping force.

  • Design:

Find a scooter that fits your lifestyle in addition to the standard design of wheels, a handlebar, and a deck. A scooter with a folding mechanism is simple to carry and store if you have an apartment or take public transportation.

You can skip performance-improving features like a big battery in favor of a lightweight scooter that is easy to lift and transport up and down stairs, depending on how often you carry the scooter. 

Check the device’s structure and materials to determine whether it is sturdy enough for your needs. To ensure safe riding in the dark, if you commute at night, think about using lighting.

  • Applicable Terrain:

Some electric scooters only work on a specific type of terrain, whereas some e-scooters work on all terrains. So, if you have specific terrain conditions, such as hilly areas, bumpy roads, or urban streets, you can choose an electric scooter based on these parameters. 

Moreover, if you commute through different types of terrain every now and then, you should go for an all-terrain electric scooter.

  • Miscellaneous Features:

In addition to the features mentioned above, it’s necessary to also look out for accessories and extra features like LED/LCD Displays, lights, Water-resistant rating (IP rating), Anti-theft features like key lock ignition and NFC card, Seat attachments, horn and so on. 

These features might seem basic, but they add a lot of value to an e-scooter.

  • Warranty:

All reliable manufacturers of electric scooters include a guarantee to provide you with security in the event that something goes wrong. 

While you should always aim for 12 months if possible, we advise that you don’t accept anything that lasts less than six months.

It’s also crucial to remember that not every warranty is created equally. Learn the details of the warranty before you purchase a scooter so you are aware of what will be covered and what you are responsible for.

  • Legality:

Check the scooter regulations in your state and city when you begin riding on the road. While some cities may ask that the e-scooters have registration, others might simply prohibit them. Additionally, Do not forget to follow all safety precautions at all times.

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Final Verdict: Best 50 Mph Electric Scooter 

Electric scooters have stepped up their game with impressive 50 mph models, changing our transportation methods.

Investing in the best 50 mph electric scooter will be worth it for long-term use and will fulfill your needs. As for our choice, we chose the Wolf Warrior as the ultimate champion in this category with its raging dual motor power of 1200W each, which suits intermediate and expert-level riders better. 

However, if you’re looking for an e-scooter with good features and affordable rates, we recommend going for the Vsett 10+. It suits all riders, from beginners to experts.

However, even if it’s fun to zip along at 50 mph on your e-scooter, it’s also important for you to keep safe, and part of that is having the proper scooter riding gear on.

FAQs: Best 50 Mph Electric Scooter 

Is it possible for electric scooters to reach 70 mph?

There aren’t many e-scooters that deliver 70 mph top speed. However, the e-scooters that cross 70 mph require a reliable braking system and powerful suspension.

What speed does an electric scooter regard to be fast?

Electric scooters typically travel between 15 to 30 miles per hour. Some extremely fast e-scooters, however, have even faster top speeds. Today’s adult electric scooters have a 26 mph top speed on average.

What is the maximum speed of a 2000W electric scooter in mph?

A 2000W electric bike’s top speed can change based on several variables, including the rider’s weight, the terrain, and the weather. However, most electric bikes equipped with a 2000W engine can travel up to 40–45 mph.

Can an e-scooter reach bike-like speeds?

The majority of commuter electric bikes can go up to 20 to 30 mph. Similar-priced scooters can travel up to 40–50 mph; however, doing so is rarely safe or permitted. In most regions, the maximum speed limit for e-scooters is under 20 mph.

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