Best 30 MPH Electric Scooters (The Ultimate List Of 2023)

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For EV lovers, a 30 mph electric scooter can be the best option to tackle traffic, running errands, and urban commutes. 

Electric scooters are small and require balancing while riding on different terrains. That’s why 30 mph e-scooters are the perfect match of speed and safety. But you must also consider a few features before picking the right bike for your daily rides. 

But don’t worry.

After spending 40+ hours researching and testing 21 electric scooters, I have compiled a list of the best eight 30 mph electric scooters for different types of riders and terrains. In this list, Dualtron Thunder 2 is the best electric scooter that can go over 100 miles per charge. 

Check them out and compare which one is the best option for you.

8 Best 30 mph Electric Scooters in 2023 (Overview)

Here is a summary table of all the electric scooters reviewed in the article. 

S.No.Best 30 mph Electric ScooterBest forRating
1KAABO Wolf Warrior X ProOff-road terrain4.8/5
2Nanrobot LS7Experienced riders4.8/5
3Miniwalker Tiger 10 ProAll-road except for rough terrain4.7/5
4EMOVE Cruiser SEveryday riding4.6/5
5INOKIM OXOUrban, off-road tracks4.6/5
6EMOVE RoadRunner ProAll terrains4.6/5
7Dualtron Thunder 2City roads, streets4.5/5
8KAABO Mantis 8Adults, Off-road Riders4.5/5

Now, let’s look at the complete list of best 30 mph electric scooters, their specs, summary, price, and pros & cons. By the end of the article, you will get the exact idea of which electric scooter to go with. 

1. KAABO Wolf Warrior X Pro

KAABO Wolf Warrior X Pro

Technical Specifications:

Top Speed43 mph
Maximum Range60 miles
Tires10″ pneumatic tires
MotorDual 1600W motors
Brakes140 mm hydraulic disc brakes
SuspensionRear springs and front hydraulic
Battery60V 28Ah (LG Cells)
Weight Capacity265 lbs

Price: $2499

The Wolf Warrior X Pro electric scooter has an athletic dual-tubular aluminum frame painted black with red racing stripes. Its sturdy 10-inch pneumatic tires provide a smooth and stable ride. The long, wide deck gives riders plenty of room to stand comfortably. 

Its performance is controlled through rubber grips on the handlebars, which connect to thumb throttles and hydraulic disc brakes for precise speed regulation. 

Between the grips sits an LCD display that shows real-time speed, battery level, and driving mode data to the rider. Below the stem, a bright LED headlight illuminates the road ahead. 

A fender shielding the wheel and brake protects the scooter’s rear. Despite its high top speed of 43 mph, the Wolf Warrior X Pro retains a graceful profile when stationary. This makes it one of the best in 30 mph e-scooter category. 


  • Excellent range of 60 miles per charge
  • Suspensions absorb bumps easily
  • Large pneumatic tires add stability
  • Bright LED headlights, including controllable RGB


  • Quite heavy
  • Lack of water resistance rating

2. Nanrobot LS7

Nanrobot LS7

Technical Specifications:

Top Speed52 mph
Maximum Range62 miles
Tires11” pneumatic tires
MotorDual 4800W (2×2400) motors
BrakesNutt hydraulic brakes (front and rear)
Battery60V 40Ah
Weight Capacity330 lbs

Price: $3299

The Nanrobot LS7 is a high-performance electric scooter built for speed and all-terrain riding. Dual brushless motors power it, and can reach an impressive top speed of 52mph. The powerful 60V battery allows you to ride up to 62 miles before it completely dies. 

The LS7 features aviation-grade aluminum alloy construction and pneumatic tires for a stable ride. It also has front and rear hydraulic brakes and suspension to handle uneven terrain smoothly. 

The scooter has a spacious deck, an ergonomic handlebar fitted with rubber grips, and an intuitive control dashboard.

While heavy and bulky compared to other scooters, the scooter makes up for it with incredible power and versatility. Its high-capacity battery, all-terrain tires, and hill-climbing capability make it ideal for off-road adventures.

With a max load of 330 lbs, dual headlights for night riding, and IP54 water resistance, the LS7 is built to last. Also this 30mph electric scooter is fast and provides range you need to explore. 


  • Long range of up to 62 miles per charge
  • All-terrain 11″ pneumatic tires for stable off-road riding
  • Front and rear suspension absorbs shocks on uneven terrain
  • Spacious deck and well-designed handlebar for a comfortable ride


  • Heavy weight at 90lbs reduces portability
  • Expensive price tag compared to other electric scooters

3. Miniwalker Tiger 10 Pro

Miniwalker Tiger 10 Pro

Technical Specifications:

Top Speed45 mph
Maximum Range40 miles
Tires9” vacuum inflatable
BrakesMechanical disc brakes
SuspensionHigh-performance front and rear suspension
Battery52V 20Ah
Weight Capacity265 lbs

Price: $2699

The Miniwalker Tiger 10 Pro is a powerful electric scooter built for stability and speed. With powerful dual motors, it can reach its top speed within seconds. Compared to other scooters, it may have less range of 40 miles on a single charge. But on the plus side, it only takes an average of 8 hours to charge the battery fully.

The scooter’s tires are vacuumed, which prevents them from bursting on uneven roads, and are extremely shock-resistant. Its hydraulic spring shock absorber absorbs bumps and provides stability. The sturdy aluminum alloy frame and non-slip mats provide additional safety to the riders. 

Some convenience features include a one-step folding mechanism, safety lock, and theft deterrents (NFC lock system). You can control the lock and its vibrant RGB lights right from the mobile app. 


  • Dual motors provide fast acceleration
  • Fast charging
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Anti-theft and app control feature


  • Pretty expensive for its features
  • Not suitable for rough terrain

4. EMOVE Cruiser S

EMOVE Cruiser S

Technical Specifications:

Top Speed33 mph
Maximum Range62 miles
Tires10” tubeless tires
BrakesSemi-hydraulic brakes
SuspensionDual suspension
Battery52V 30Ah
Weight Capacity352 lbs

Price: $1399

The EMOVE Cruiser S scooter is designed for smooth long rides. With a top speed of 33 mph, it can go up to 62 miles with a single charge. The fat 10-inch tires and front & rear suspensions allow you a comfortable ride over bumpy roads. 

Unlike other electric scooters, it has a single 1600W motor, which is enough to give the scooter powerful acceleration and the capacity to store lots of energy. It has IP54 water resistance to drive while drizzling and wet roads. However, you must avoid it from getting fully submerged. 

The aluminum frame of the scooter weighs just 55 lbs, making it easier to carry when folded. You can connect the scooter with the app to customize performance, check diagnostics, and set anti-theft alarms. 


  • Powerful single motor for fast acceleration
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Portable and easy to carry when folded
  • Good for commuting and weekend trips


  • Brake lights don’t have flash
  • Not designed for off-road use



Technical Specifications:

Top Speed40 mph
Maximum Range68 miles
MotorDual motors 2000W/2600W (peak-power)
BrakesDual hydraulic brakes
SuspensionSmart rubber suspension (OSAP)
Battery60V 26Ah
Weight Capacity265 lbs

Price: $2599

The INOKIM OxO is a premium electric scooter with impressive build quality and a smooth, comfortable ride. Powered by dual motors, it can reach up to 40 mph and has a long maximum range of 68 miles

The OxO features adjustable front and rear suspension with rubber cartridges and single-sided swingarms that absorb bumps extremely well. This, combined with the wide handlebars and strong brakes, gives riders confidence when maneuvering at high speeds. However, acceleration is sluggish compared to competitors. 

The scooter weighs 74 lbs and can support riders up to 265 lbs. It takes 13.5 hours to charge the large LG battery, which is slightly higher. While it excels at providing a luxurious ride, the lack of grip on the deck and weak lighting reduce safety. 

Overall, the exceptional build quality and cushy suspension make the INOKIM OxO a top choice for those seeking a smooth, comfortable scooter ride rather than high acceleration and speed.


  • Excellent build quality with premium components
  • Extremely smooth and comfortable ride quality
  • Adjustable front and rear suspension soaks up bumps
  • Powerful brakes bring the scooter to a quick stop
  • Long 68-mile maximum range


  • Sluggish acceleration compared to similar models
  • The deck lacks grip, which reduces stability

6. EMOVE RoadRunner Pro

EMOVE RoadRunner Pro

Technical Specifications:

Top Speed50 mph
Maximum Range50 miles
Tires14” tubeless tires
MotorDual 2000W motors
BrakesDual-piston disc brakes (hydraulic)
SuspensionFront and rear suspension
Battery60V 30Ah
Weight Capacity330 lbs

Price: $2895

With its powerful dual motors, the RoadRunner Pro delivers incredible acceleration and torque, reaching speeds up to 50 mph. Full front and rear suspension, tubeless tires, and an upgraded comfort saddle give a smooth ride even at high speeds

Powerful Zoom hydraulic brakes bring the 114 lb scooter to quick, safe stops. The scooter has premium features, including a color LED display, integrated LED lights with turn signals, adjustable fenders, and a twist throttle. 

Despite the small size, it has a load capacity of 330 lbs. The removable battery makes charging convenient. Split rims allow for easy tire changes. 

With motorcycle-grade power and speed, the RoadRunner Pro is a thrill ride that excels at real-world use. However, torque can unload the front wheel during hard acceleration. 


  • Incredibly powerful dual motors provide quick acceleration
  • Top speed of 50 mph makes it one of the fastest electric scooters
  • Premium suspension, tires, throttle, and other components
  • Offers great value for its price


  • Massive torque can unsettle the front wheel during hard acceleration
  • Rear turn signals are largely ineffective

7. Dualtron Thunder 2

Dualtron Thunder 2

Technical Specifications:

Top Speed62 mph
Maximum Range106 miles
Tires10” tubeless
MotorDual 10,080W motors
BrakesHydraulic disc brakes
SuspensionFront & rear suspension
Battery72V 40Ah
Weight Capacity265 lbs

Price: $3870

The Dualtron Thunder 2 is an ultra-high-performance electric scooter with extreme power output. It has dual hub motors with a staggering peak power of 10,080 watts, delivering exhilarating acceleration up to a top speed of 62 mph. 

The massive battery provides an incredible maximum range of 106 miles. Some standout features include self-healing tubeless tires, an adjustable 45-step suspension system, and a new ergonomic kickplate with integrated brake light. 

The huge deck is covered in grippy rubber. Drawbacks are the stiff suspension tuned for speed over comfort, limited steering column rotation, and lack of an IP rating.

Overall, the Dualtron Thunder 2 brings unrivaled peak power to the electric scooter market. With motorcycle-like performance, it excels at high-speed inner-city riding but demands respect and skill to control safely. 


  • Massive 10,080W peak power for unmatched acceleration
  • Huge 106-mile maximum range 
  • Self-healing tubeless tires prevent flats
  • Kickplate with integrated brake light
  • The enormous grippy rubber deck provides stability


  • Stiff suspension is not ideal for comfort
  • Limited handlebar rotation raises safety concerns

8. KAABO Mantis 8

KAABO Mantis 8

Technical Specifications:

Top Speed33 mph
Maximum Range40 miles
Tires8” tubeless tires
MotorDual 800W motors
BrakesHydraulic disc brakes
SuspensionFront & rear suspension
Battery48V 24.5Ah
Weight Capacity265 lbs

Price: $1199

The Mantis 8 Pro is a performance electric scooter from KAABO. It has dual 800W motors that allow it to reach top speeds of 33 mph and accelerate quickly. The large LG battery provides up to 40 miles of range. Despite being a lightweight scooter, it can support heavyweight riders

The scooter features include tubeless tires, front and rear suspension, a wide deck with anti-slip rubber matting, and hydraulic brakes for safe stopping. The scooter folds for portability and has an EY3 display for customizing settings. 

However, it lacks a bright night-riding headlight and has no IP water resistance rating.

Still, the Mantis 8 Pro delivers nimble handling and a comfortable ride thanks to its compact size and quality components. 

While acceleration trails some competitors, it still offers solid performance for the price. This is also one of the cheapest 30 mph electric scooters you can found with high-end performance. 


  • Powerful dual motors provide quick acceleration
  • The foldable design makes it portable
  • Smooth ride quality thanks to suspension and tubeless tires
  • Rubber deck matting supplies plenty of grips


  • Lacks bright headlight for safe night riding
  • No IP water resistance rating

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A 30 mph electric scooter offers an exciting riding experience and a range for thrill-seekers. With dual motors providing incredible torque, rugged suspensions absorbing bumps, and motorcycle-inspired components, today’s high-performance scooters rival gas-powered alternatives.

When choosing your 30 mph electric scooter, consider factors like comfort, battery range, rider weight capacity, and portability to find the optimal balance of speed, stability, and practicality. Invest in safety gear and build skills gradually as you tap into these scooters’ incredible potential. 


How much do these fast electric scooters typically cost?

Prices range widely from around $1,000 to over $3,000. More affordable models with top speeds around 30 mph cost $1,000-$2,000. High-performance scooters exceed 50 mph but cost $2,500 to over $3,500.

What is the range I can expect from a 30 mph electric scooter?

Most 30 mph electric scooters have a maximum range of 40-60 miles on a single charge. Higher capacity batteries can extend range up to 70+ miles.

Are electric scooters with top speeds of 30 mph beginner-friendly?

Not necessarily. 30 mph scooters are best suited for intermediate to advanced riders. Beginners should start with slower models under 20 mph until they gain experience and skills.

What features should I look for in an electric scooter of 30 mph?

Key features for a 30 mph scooter include strong brakes, pneumatic tires, front and rear suspension, a torquey motor, and robust build quality for stability and control at high speeds. A deck with plenty of grips is also important.

Do I need a license to ride an electric scooter?

Most states don’t require a license, but regulations vary. Be sure to check your local laws. Safety gear and responsible riding are critical when traveling up to 30 mph.

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