How To Ride a Unicycle? (Ultimate Guide For Beginners)

How To Ride a Unicycle

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With the rising popularity of EV products in the market, new inventions like Electric Unicycles are an attraction among users. But many users are still unaware of how to ride a Unicycle.

Unicycles are slightly different from riding other EV devices and require skills and proper guidance while learning. Plus, Unicycle ergonomics needs to be learned with patience.

Hence, after researching different types of Unicycles and their mechanism, I have created a step-by-step guide on How To Ride A Unicycle.

So, if you want to do it correctly, keep reading!

Quick Preview Of The Guide On How To Ride A Unicycle

Here is a representation of the guide on How To Ride A Unicycle to have a preview of the guide: 

Step 1: Preparation 

  • Introduction to Device 
  • Safety Measure And Gears
  • Decide Where To Try
  • Get Support 

Step 2: Mounting And Dismounting

  •  Practice with One Foot
  • Then, Two Feet Feet

Step 3: Start Riding

  • Acceleration

Step 4: Putting All The Skills Together

  • Decide your goals
  • How to Stop
  • How to take turns

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Ride A Unicycle

Now that you’ve gone through the preview of the guide, it will help you more if you go through the detailed guide to understand how to actually asses the steps.

How To Ride A Unicycle - Overview


Step 1: Preparation 

The following four steps will help you prepare before riding the Unicycle. Here you go…

1. Introduction to Device 

One of the most important things you need to know as a Unicycle rider is that an EUC cannot balance to each side even though it can balance backward and forward.

Therefore, the rider must follow a balanced and momentum combination like you do while riding a normal bike. 

Also, ensure that you are familiar with the model of EUC and other factors like its foot pedals, cutoffs, and handles to learn how it works.

Moreover, be prepared to fall multiple times before learning to ride a unicycle. Plus, you can protect the wheels on both sides with tape, as they might get scratched up.

2. Safety Measure And Gears

Before you get on a Unicycle, ensure you have proper safety gear to avoid getting injured when you fall. That being said, safety gear is necessary as you might fall multiple times in your initial phase.

3. Decide Where To Try

Decide a location like a lawn, parking, or empty backyard to practice while learning to ride a Unicycle, preferably with the wall. 

You can also try riding on grass fields to lessen the damage of getting hurt, as the rides can be unpredictable and unstable.

4. Get Support 

Take the help of a friend or a Unicycle expert to help you learn about the ergonomics of the Unicycle and to help you learn how to ride. 

Step 2: Mounting And Dismounting

You can’t just hop on and go forward with a Unicycle like a bike and then combine all the skills. First thing you need to learn while getting on a Unicycle is learning how to stand on it. 

So, now that you have had a proper introduction to your Unicycle and know where to practice riding and protecting yourself with safety gear, you are sorted to go forward with it.

1. Practice with One Foot

Keep the wheel under you in the center and one foot on the pedal. You need a two-point contact between the wheel, your foot, and your shin.

Next, apply your downward weight on the foot and keep the Unicycle stable. The unicycle should be pushed against your foot’s shin. Next, push the top of your Unicycle with your shin.

What’s more important is becoming familiar with the balance and weight of the Unicycle. Plus, keep your back straight while bending the knees slightly. 

Now, all you have to do is rock the unicycle front and back to get used to it. You can practice hopping on and off the Unicycle, which position is more comfortable to you if you ride for longer distances.

2. Then, Two Feet Feet

Further, if you feel confident putting and positioning one foot on the Unicycle, try putting the second foot on it once your kick it off.

In the initial part, you will feel unstable, so you can just put a foot down each time you feel like falling and get back on again. Keep trying until you are confident to put balance with your feet. 

How To Ride A Unicycle - Two Feet

Again,  keep your back straight and avoid bending over too much. Once both of your feet are mounted on the unicycle, keep your head forward, look forward and back straight. You must use your hands to balance if to help yourself balance. 


Step 3: Start Riding

At first, you can set a goal to reach from one end to another to see how much distance you can cover in one go. 

Then, keep pushing your limits and start increasing the distance to cover. You can lean forward to increase the speed. Focus on maintaining your balance and achieving proper riding. 


To keep yourself upright, speed will help you better. Keep pressure on the toes, which helps the device to keep going forward and maintain speed.

How To Ride A Unicycle - Acceleration

If you reduce your speed, your balance will become unstable. Hence, it is recommended to maintain a good speed.

Source: Segway 

Step 4: Putting All The Skills Together

Now that you have completed all the important steps to learn to ride the Unicycle, it is time for you put all the skills needed for a successful ride together.

1. Decide your goals

Set small distance goals of 5 to 20 feet until you get confident enough to ride the Unicyle for longer distances without support.

2. Mount and Dismount

Keeping practicing mounting on the Unicycle by putting your foot down whenever you feel like falling off the device. Continue this process till you become confident enough to ride continuously.

3. How to take turns

When taking turns on a Unicycle, all you have to do is keep your eyes forward and turn your shoulders in the direction you want to turn to. 

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Wrapping Up! How To Ride A Unicycle In (2023)

Learning how to ride a Unicycle is not an easy task, but it’s easier with the guide given above. 

Also, if you can’t figure it out in one go, it’s fine, as it takes different durations to learn a Unicycle as per their skills. Plus, 

However, once you are confident, you can ride your Unicycle without support and for longer distances.


How long does learning to ride an electric scooter take?

 Anyone confident about riding an electric scooter can learn it in an hour. For new riders, it will take help learning with support first and then by themselves, which will take about a week. 

Which is the safest and best place to ride a Unicycle?

For new riders, a surface with smooth and leveled surface is safer to learn in the initial days. Later on, you can try riding on bumpy and uneven surfaces.

Which is better, a Unicycle and a Onewheel skateboard?

Onewheels are more affordable and easy to ride than EUC, but according to price and performance, Unicycle works better and wins the race

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