Early Adopter Stories: Darren

After years spent engineering the Electron Wheel, building prototypes, cultivating a supply chain, forging industry relationships, and constructing an online store, our digital doors finally opened in mid 2016.

At the risk of over promising and under delivering, we didn’t launch via crowdfunding. Instead, we wanted to grow our company at a pace where we could always put our customer first. We wanted to take the time to learn as much as we could about our early adopters, and provide an attentive and generous service experience for each and everyone of them.

This interaction has been the best part of our initial growth, by far. As we continue to ramp up, maintaining this level of service and attention to each individual customer will be one of our highest priorities… and biggest challenges.

It’s a pleasure to introduce you Darren, one of our early adopters from Pennsylvania, who owns a 700c Electron Wheel (which he’s decked out with some sweet stickers). We asked him a few questions about his experience with Electron so far.



You’re one of Electron Wheel’s early adopters. How did you hear about us? What about the wheel caught your attention?

I just purchased a single speed bike and noticed the difficulty in getting up hills quickly. I didn’t want a 21 speed because of all the shifting so, started doing research online and came across the Electron wheel. The things that caught my attention were the look, easy replacement of the front wheel, ability to use my front brake with the Electron wheel, ability to ride 30 miles on one charge, and the cost.

Can you describe your riding experience before the Electron Wheel?

Riding a single speed bike is great riding on flat land and riding down hills, but riding up hills can be tough, especially on steep hills. If the hill is too steep you would have to get off the bike and push up the hill. This is a pain.

Has the wheel helped improve your riding? How?

The wheel has definitely improved my ride. The wheel allows me to take off quickly, ride longer distances, and get up steep hills quickly. “No more walking the bike up a hill.”

Do you notice the wheel helping you up hills?

Yes, without the wheel I would have to get off the seat and stand on the pedals to get up a hill. The wheel allows me to stay seated and get up hills quickly.

Have you ever ridden another e-bike? How does Electron Wheel compare to other systems on the market?

No, I never rode another e-bike product. I was looking into the Flykly wheel, but didn’t like replacing the back wheel, the braking system, or cost. The Electron wheel gave me the options I wanted.

Can you describe the type of bike you ride Electron with, and your typical ride?

I ride a Pure fix single speed bike with a 18 gear cog. The 18 gear is much easier getting up hills, but adding the Electron wheel on the front of the bike makes it even easier. A typical ride for me is 4.5 to 15 miles. I have two bikes, but use this one always for long rides.

Are you an avid cyclist? Or more of a weekend warrior?

I would say more of an avid rider. I try to ride my bike every other day.

Thanks for telling us about your experience! Is there anything else you hope to see out of Electron Wheel looking into the future? Upgrades to the app or wheel’s functionality?

Security system in the wheel is a definite. The wheel should have a security system to indicate if your bike is being moved, stolen, and the location where it was moved to. Overall, It is a great product and my neighbors love it, but due to the cost you need to protect your investment, so a security system is really needed. If the wheel could lock when not in use this would be a great benefit. Add these features to your Electron wheel and App and you have an even greater product.

Thanks Darren!