700c Electron Wheel

$799 1,150.00

The 700c (28″) electron wheel works great for most city, road and hybrid bikes or any bicycle with 700c wheels. This front wheel replacement contains an internal motor, smart sensors, and an efficient battery that work together to transform the way you ride. Commute to work without breaking a sweat, or enjoy its unique pedal assist experience during your weekend outings.

IMPORTANT: The electron wheel only works with rim brakes. We do not currently support disc brakes.

SOLD OUT: Due to high demand, we are sold out of current inventory! We’re currently accepting pre-orders for our next shipment of inventory in Summer 2017. We will fulfill orders on a first come, first served basis and do not charge cards until your order ships.


Great addition for my commute. This is much better than sitting on a stationary bike during lunch time!!!!

Russ Bowman

Rarely, at least for me, does a product actually live up to its claims.

This wheel does EXACTLY what it claims.

I have a knee injury from cycling and have been off of a bike for almost two years. My main issues were hills. My knee just couldn’t and can’t take the hills, to the point that the last time I tried I couldn’t walk for three days.

This wheel has basically given my life back to me. I biked to work today for the first time in nearly two years and the only thing that hurt was my butt because it’s not used to the seat anymore.

To say I love this wheel really is an understatement.

It has given me back my life… that’s the best way I can describe it.

Jamie C

I test rode the Electron Wheel last Fall. The four star rating is for the incredible customer service offered before, during, and after the ten day trial period. I came back to the site today to find out if the feature of being able to switch on and off of assist would be added. I agree with Thomas A. on the necessity of that feature. Hopefully, the ability to add/turn-off assist on the fly will be a part of the Electron Wheel soon.

Katie Fender

I am very happy with the Electron Wheel. It allows me to climb up a very steep hill to get to my home after a bike ride. Before the Electron Wheel, climbing this hill was very difficult and it discouraged me from riding my bike. Now, with the Electron Wheel, I “fear no hill” while riding my bike. I only use the Electron Wheel assist for climbing hills and would very much appreciate being able to turn it on and off directly from the app on my iPhone while riding the bike. The assist is not required while riding on the level, and if I keep it turned on it wants me to ride faster than I would like. Maybe a future software update can accomplish my request. The Electron Wheel has encouraged me to ride more on my bike than before.

Thomas A

Initially when electron wheel kicked in I was surprised how smooth and how quick you can speed up to 15-18 miles with very light pedaling. Hills became a non issue I now love my rides.

Tom T
Very satisfied. Gives you the ability to climb hills and ride further.
Darren M

Very satisfied - Failed to realize my cadence sensor was charged once, but otherwise have had a great experience on my daily commute (20 mi. round trip)

Charles W

Great product

Jaime R