Assembly guide

The following guide offers installation instructions for the Electron Wheel. For more help, watch our assembly video here:

Important Note: The Electron Wheel only works on bikes using rim brakes! If your bike uses disc brakes the wheel will not fit. For more information see our compatibility guide.

1x Wheel Charger & Power Cord
1x Pedal Sensor Charger
1x Electron Wheel
1x Pedal Sensor


Step 1
Disengage your bike’s front brakes.

Step 2
Carefully flip your bike upside down and remove your existing front wheel.

Step 3
Loosen the Electron Wheel’s quick release (located on same side as the charger port). Be careful not to loosen too much.

Step 4
Ensure the Electron Wheel’s T-lever assembly is on the same side as your bike’s chain before installing.

Step 5
Lower the Electron Wheel into place on your bike’s front fork.

Step 6
Once securely in place, tighten the quick release (on the charger port side).

Step 7
Loosen the T-­lever quick release. Make sure the spring loaded torque lever is extended as far as possible and in contact with your bike’s fork. On some bikes it will fully extend, on others it will be partially extended.

Step 8
Tighten the T­-lever quick release to lock it in place.

Step 9
Rotate the electron wheel one full cycle, pushing it away from your bike’s chain. This ensures there are no obstructions and your wheel freely spins.

Step 10
Fully close the quick release on the charger port side of the wheel so that it leaves a light imprint on your palm.

Step 11
Rotate the wheel towards your chain and make sure there are no obstructions. You will now need to carefully flip your bike upright.

Step 12
Re­-engage your front brakes.


Step 13
Attach the pedal sensor to the crank opposite your bike’s chain. The recommended orientation is so that the device faces inwards. IT’S IMPORTANT THAT THE SENSOR IS AS CLOSE TO THE BASE OF THE CRANK (AWAY FROM THE PEDAL) AS POSSIBLE.

Step 14
Once securely fastened, rotate your crank one full cycle to ensure there are no obstructions. If there are, you can orientate the sensor on the outside of the crank.


Step 15
Download the electron app from the App store or Google Play store depending on your device. The app can be found by searching “Electron Wheel”.

Step 16
With your bike outside, turn the wheel and pedal sensor on. Open the app and select the gear wheel icon to go to the settings page (lower right). Connect your wheel, and indicate whether your pedal sensor is located on the inside, or outside, of your pedal crank.

Step 17
Push calibrate on the electron app and follow the on screen prompts. You will need to ride the bike approximately 200 meters and return to your starting position. It’s important to maintain a constant speed, and to continue pedaling throughout the 200 meters. If you’re on a decline, lightly compress the brake while continuing to pedal.

After the wheel is calibrated, select the desired level of assist and you’re ready to ride.