11 Best Electric Scooter Accessories for Beginners (Top Picks)

Best Electric Scooter Accessories

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Buying an electric scooter doesn’t include many of the additional yet essential accessories you need while riding an e-scooter. However, there is an ocean of electric scooter accessories in the market; which ones should you prioritize?

You can rest assured as you’ve landed on the right page to discover the electric scooter accessories that you need on daily commutes. Plus, I have prioritized safety accessories in this list because, you know, safety comes first!

Further, you will discover accessories like a storage bag, phone holder, and many others to assist you while riding.

To thoroughly check out the electric scooter accessories list, let’s take a tour below!

A Quick Preview Of Electric Scooter Accessories List

Here is a quick preview of the widely used electric scooter accessories list featuring all the necessary accessories to go with your electric scooter. Let’s have a look:

Sr.No.Electric Scooter AccessoriesEstimated Price
2.Eye Protection$10
3.Front And Rear Light$12 to $15
6.Fluorescent Safety Vest$15
7.Elbow And Knee Pad$39
8.Storage Bag$29
9.Phone Holder$15
10.Tire Slime$30
11.Bell Or Horn$6

List Of Widely Used Electric Scooter Accessories

Now that you have had a preview of the electric scooter accessories list I have shared, it’s necessary to know what these accessories are for and how it helps you make your ride easier. 

Hence, without delaying it any further, let’s take a look at them individually.

1. Helmet

There’s no doubt about whether you should use a Helmet or not because it is more of a necessity than just an accessory. Riders should never ride without wearing a helmet, even though they’re traveling just around the corner. 

Electric Scooter Accessories - Helmet

Plus, getting a good-quality helmet that lasts longer would be best to prevent getting hurt in case of any accidents. A full-face covering is better than getting one with just a head covering.

2. Eye Protection

It happens many times to riders while riding fast on their electric scooter that a fly or bug gets into their eyes, becoming a nightmare. Plus, some dirt particles sometimes enter your eyes while riding without eye protection. 

Eye Protection

It is better to get a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes while riding to keep objects from getting into your eyes.

3. Front And Rear Light

Some electric scooters are not built with a bright headlight and don’t provide visibility at night. 

You can buy a set of front and rear lights which will provide more visibility at night and one which is visible to others. You can additionally get a taillight to prevent getting hit from behind.

Front And Rear Light

4. Lock

If you often park your electric scooter in public places and you buy a lock to keep your scooter safe in such places. There are multiple types of locks available you can choose from.


These lock types include Chain locks, Folding Locks, U locks, and Cable Locks. Ensure to get the most suitable one as per your needs.

5. Gloves

Imagine if you fall off your scooter and you get your hands skinned from both sides. It hurts just imagining, right? 

That’s why riding with hand gloves is crucial to save your hands from getting skinned or hurt. Plus, it provides more grip to hold onto the handlebar.


You can get thinner hand gloves if you ride at a slower speed but go for a set of motorcycle gloves if you drive faster.

6. Fluorescent Safety Vest 

If you want to save yourself from getting hit by other vehicles in the dark, you should definitely wear a Fluorescent Safety Vest. It helps you be visible from afar, no matter from front or back. 

Fluorescent Safety Vest 

Riders who often travel at night should invest in this accessory as it’s reflective.

7. Elbow And Knee Pad

When you fall, the first thing that hits the ground is your knees and your elbows. So, as they say, precaution is better than cure, and riders should wear full safety gear, including an Elbow And Knee Pad.

Elbow And Knee Pad

8. Storage Bag

As you know, as an electric scooter rider, they don’t give storage containers while buying an electric scooter. Also, you can’t carry important things in just any hanging bag on the handlebar of your scooter.

Storage Bag

Therefore, getting a storage bag made for electric scooters would be your best buying decision. You can fit any small yet practical objects in the storage bag.

9. Phone Holder 

Navigating through unknown areas can be a hassle as you constantly need to check the map to see if you’re going the right way. 

Phone Holder 

However, if you buy a phone holder that attaches to the handlebar of your scooter, you’ll able to save so much and go swiftly without stopping in between. 

10. Tire Slime

Pneumatic tires tend to get punctured every now and then if you ride frequently. You just can’t avoid these flat tires. 

Tire Slime

However, you can prevent getting flat tires if you have a Tire Slime solution. People who travel longer distances should carry it along.

11. Bell Or Horn

This is a basic necessity, but it’s important to have a horn or a bell attached to your electric scooter’s handlebar.  I don’t need to explain the use of a bell or horn to you, as you already might know, but I would still suggest attaching one to your electric scooter.

Bell Or Horn

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Wrapping Up! Best Electric Scooter Accessories Try In (2023)

The list of electric scooter accessories will go on and on if I don’t stick to the most important ones. That’s why it’s better to focus on the ‘Must Haves’ when choosing electric scooter accessories. 

To be precise, if you ask me which accessories should be the TOP 3 priority of a rider, I would definitely vote for a Helmet, Knee & Elbow Pads, and a Lock. A rider should never start riding without these three essential items.


How to customize your electric scooter?

By swapping the components and parts of your scooter with the parts you want in your electric scooter, you can customize your electric scooter as per your taste. You can also check out guides on customizing an electric scooter available on YouTube.

What is another name for Tire Slime in electric scooter accessories?

Tire Slime is also called Tire Sealant by many manufacturers.

Which extra component can I get my electric scooter more powered?

To get your electric scooter more powered, you can add an extra battery to your electric scooter

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