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What are the electron wheel rim and tire dimensions?

The electron wheel comes in two sizes to support 26″ and 700c bikes: 26 Inch:  Tire Size =  26″ x 1.25″ Rim Dimensions = 25mm outer width, 20mm inner width,…

What type of battery does the electron wheel have?

The electron wheel contains a 24V lithium ion battery with advanced BMS.

What is the maximum recommended weight for the electron wheel?

The maximum weight recommended for the electron wheel, including rider, bike, and load should not exceed 120kg (265lbs).

What dropout size fits the electron wheel?

The electron wheel fits with front fork dropouts with 100mm spacing. Bikes designed for tires smaller than 25C may have clearance issues with our motor cover. Please reach out to…

What are operating temperatures for the electron wheel?

Operating temperature range for the wheel is -10℃ ~ +60℃. There is a thermal sensor inside the motor, and when temperature inside the motor is greater than 80℃ the torque…

Is the electron wheel water resistant?

The wheel is water resistant and suitable for all weather conditions. However, we recommend exercising caution when riding through any standing water. You should not attempt to ride through puddles…

Can the electron wheel be used off road or in mountain conditions?

The electron wheel is designed and optimized for on-road conditions. We do not recommend using the electron wheel off-road.

Can I change the tire & inner tube on my electron wheel?

Yes! The tire and inner tube on the electron wheel can be changed if desired or if it becomes necessary due to a flat. The process works like any traditional…